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New Products

£11.00 Plastic Grinder Nip Nut (2-Pack)
The non-marking, impact-resistant plastic grinder nut is expertly designed with a cone shape to prevent tile marring or chipping during mitering. It features a 5/8 - 11 thread for secure attachment.
£39.00 Refina Wash Bucket 20L with Triple Rollers
The Wash Bucket 20L from Refina with wheels is designed for quick and easy cleaning of sponge floats. Its click-in roller system and sturdy grid make it an essential tool for tile and flooring installers, ensuring efficient and effective residue removal.
£47.00 10" Pro-Series X Granite & Sandstone Blade
Experience unmatched cutting prowess with the Professional Series X blade, engineered specifically for handling the density and challenges of granite and sandstone materials.
£20.00 Diamond Grinder Cup Wheel Grit #100
The grinding nut is an innovative tool that transforms a standard angle grinder into a high-quality ceramic edger in seconds. It replaces the conventional nut and clamps the cutting diamond disk onto the spindle of the angle grinder.
£30.00 7" Pro-Series Diamond Saw Blade
The Calidad 7" Professional Series Diamond Saw Blade is specifically designed to address the challenges faced when cutting hard materials like porcelain and ceramics. Featuring a continuous rim, this diamond saw blade ensures precise, chip-free cuts, making it an indispensable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking flawless results. Its construction is tailored for ease and precision, reducing waste and enhancing the cutting experience across a variety of hard surfaces.
£391.00 £552.00 Calidad Starter-Kit PRO
The Calidad Starter Kit Pro is the ultimate solution for tiling professionals seeking to achieve precision and perfection in tile installation and finishing. Designed to address the comprehensive needs of high-level craftsmanship, this all-inclusive toolset combines top-tier tile tools, ensuring flawless execution in every project. From intricate cutting and shaping to precise polishing and hole drilling, the Calidad Starter Kit Pro empowers users to tackle a wide array of tasks with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.
£40.00 Calidad 10" Pro-Series X Table Saw Blade
Introducing the Calidad 10" Professional Series X Table Saw Blade - your ultimate solution for precise, chip-free porcelain, ceramics, and hard surface cutting. This top-tier table saw blade ensures seamless cuts combining high-grade materials and innovative design to transform your craftsmanship.
£274.00 £391.00 The Kitchen Sink Combo
The Calidad Kitchen Sink Combo encompasses our most sought-after tools for cutting, grinding, shaping, and polishing, making it an indispensable toolkit for a vast array of projects. This all-encompassing set is engineered to meet the demands of both professionals and DIY enthusiasts across different materials and applications.
£79.00 £110.00 Clip Gang Tile Leveling System: 1/8" Clips (1600pcs) & Wedges (500pcs)
Elevate your tiling projects with the Clip Gang Clips & Wedges Leveling System Combo, offering 1600x 1/8" clips and 500 complimentary wedges for a flawless installation. This innovative, tool-free solution ensures perfectly leveled, aligned, and uniformly spaced tiles, streamlining the installation process for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts
£156.00 £250.00 Calidad Starter-Kit Mini
The Calidad Starter-Kit Mini is a meticulously curated selection of professional-grade tiling tools designed to solve the challenges of precision cutting, shaping, and finishing in smaller or intricate tiling projects. This compact tool ensemble offers the essential tools for achieving superior craftsmanship in tile making it perfect for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
£9.00 Abrasive Dressing Bar for Blades
The Calidad Abrasive Dressing Bar for Blades (250x50,25 mm) is a specialized tool designed to restore the cutting efficiency of diamond blades, which tend to lose their sharpness when used on non-abrasive yet dense materials. By addressing the common problem of diamond grains wearing out and material adhesion, this dressing bar extends the life of your blades, ensuring continuous high-quality cuts without the risk of damaging your tools. It is an essential maintenance tool for any professional or DIY enthusiast looking to preserve the longevity and effectiveness of their diamond blades.
£148.00 £183.00 Vacuum Brazed Hole Saw Bit Set: (5 PCS) - The Musk Collection
Discover the ultimate drilling companion with our Musk Collection, featuring five vacuum brazed hole saw diamond bits in varied sizes. Engineered for precision, speed, durability, and versatility. Whether you're tackling a professional project or embarking on a DIY endeavor, these bits provide the reliability and precision you demand, turning complex drilling into a smooth, efficient process.
£15.00 Clip Gang Horseshoe Tiling Spacers 1/16" (250 pcs)
Elevate your tiling projects with our 1/16" Horseshoe Tile Spacers, the ultimate solution for achieving flawlessly level and uniformly spaced tiles. Designed for both professional and DIY enthusiasts, these spacers ensure a lippage-free, perfectly aligned tile installation, transforming any space with precision and ease. Twist-Off Jar of 250 pieces.
£261.00 £388.00 Ultimate Combo Tool Set - Diamonds Are Forever
The Calidad "Diamonds Are Forever" Combo is the ultimate tiling toolset designed to tackle a wide range of detailed tasks including drilling, milling, grinding, rounding, shaping, cleaning, and opening up surfaces. Engineered for tiling professionals demanding precision and durability, this comprehensive collection offers a versatile tiling solution to enhance the efficiency and quality of your work on hard surfaces.
£15.00 Clip Gang Horseshoe Spacers 1/8" (180 pcs)
Elevate your tiling projects with our 1/8" Horseshoe Tile Spacers, the ultimate solution for achieving flawlessly level and uniformly spaced tiles. Designed for both professional and DIY enthusiasts, these tile leveling spacers ensure a lippage-free, perfectly aligned tile installation, transforming any space with precision and ease.
£40.00 £48.00 Clip Gang Tile Spacer Combo (Wedges & Spacers)
Elevate your tile installation to professional standards with the Clip Gang Spacer Combo, featuring 2000 Calidad Wedgies and a versatile selection of Horseshoe Spacers in two sizes. This comprehensive set ensures a flawless, level, and uniform tile layout, catering to both wall and floor installations across a variety of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, stone, and marble.
£73.00 £104.00 Clip Gang Combo - Tile Leveling System (3/16" Wedges, 1/8" Spacers, 1/8" Clips)
Unleash the power of precision with the Clip Gang Leveling Combo, a comprehensive tile leveling system designed to bring ease and excellence to your tiling projects. This all-encompassing package features 800x 1/8" clips, 500 wedges, 2000 wedgies, and 180 horseshoe spacers, ensuring flawless tile alignment, uniform grout lines, and a professional-grade finish with every use.
£73.00 £104.00 Clip Gang Leveling Combo: The Ultimate Tile Leveling System
Transform your tiling projects from ordinary to extraordinary with our comprehensive Clip Gang Tile Leveling System Combo! This all-in-one tile leveling system, featuring 800 1/16" clips, 2000 wedgies, 250 horseshoe spacers, and 500 free wedges, is designed to level, align, space, and hold your tiles in place, delivering professional-grade, lippage-free results. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional installer, this tile leveling system guarantees faster, smoother, and more precise tile installations every time.
£352.00 PortaRoll 22" Heavy Duty Flooring Roller Huds by Refina
This innovative flooring tool revolutionizes the way professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike handle flooring projects. Its lightweight, portable design is a game changer, ensuring ease of transport and efficiency on the job.