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Calidad 10" Pro-Series X Table Saw Blade

Introducing the Calidad 10" Professional Series X Table Saw Blade - your ultimate solution for precise, chip-free porcelain, ceramics, and hard surface cutting. This top-tier table saw blade ensures seamless cuts combining high-grade materials and innovative design to transform your craftsmanship.
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A universal table saw blade for superior, next-level, chip-free cutting performance

Pro-Series X is the epitome of cutting excellence, crafted for those who demand precision and durability. Its continuous rim is engineered to cut through porcelain, ceramics, and hard surfaces with unmatched accuracy, ensuring smooth, flawless finishes.

The blade's design focuses on reducing waste and dust, enhancing your working environment, and prolonging the tool's lifespan. Its compatibility with most table saws makes it a versatile choice for various projects, while the corrosion-resistant coating guarantees longevity.

Cut like a Pro.


Glazed ceramics

Wall and floor tiles

Ceramic granite

Porcelain gres

Precision Cutting in Tiling Projects: Ideal for creating clean, straight cuts in ceramic and porcelain tiles, ensuring professional finishes in bathrooms, kitchens, and flooring projects.


Detailed Shaping and Sizing: Perfect for customizing tile sizes and shapes to fit around fixtures, corners, and unique spaces, providing a tailored look in custom tile installations


Mosaic and Inlay Work: Suitable for intricate mosaic and inlay work in decorative tiling, allowing for precise cuts on small, fragile tiles without chipping or breaking.


Large Scale Construction: Efficient for use in large scale construction projects where high columns of tiles need to be cut quickly and accurately.


Outdoor and Wet Areas Tiling: Exceptional for outdoor or wet area applications, such as pools and patios, where water resistance and durability of the cut tiles are paramount.

  • Diameter: 10" / 250mm, ideal for table saws.
  • Rim Height/Thickness: 10 mm / 1.6 mm for precise and clean cuts.
  • Blade Speed: 1.1 meters per minute, ensuring efficient cutting.
  • Lifetime: 1000 linear meters, offering extended durability.
  • Water-Use: Necessary supply of 5 liters per minute for optimal cutting.
  • Profession-Grade Quality: Delivers clean and fast cuts with high smoothness on porcelain and ceramic tiles.
  • Design: Features a high-grade diamond rim with a unique bond matrix for durability and cleaner cuts.
  • Maximum Speed: 3,050 RPM, suitable for high-intensity jobs.
  • Wet Use: Engineered for use with water to reduce dust and extend blade life.
  • Arbor Size: 5/8", compatible with most table saws.
  • Construction: Corrosion-resistant coating and thin kerf design for efficiency and longevity.