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4.5" Turbo Mesh Diamond Grinder Blade "Butter Cutter" (Flangeless)

Introducing the classic flangeless "Butter Cutter," a 4.5" circular diamond blade that revolutionizes the cutting experience with unparalleled precision and efficiency. This diamond grinder blade is a game-changer for those who value smooth, clean, and fast cutting in their projects, ensuring exceptional results on a variety of materials.
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Superior, next-level, chip-free cutting performance - designed for straight cuts. 

The classic 4.5" flangeless "Butter Cutter" grinder disc redefines cutting standards with its advanced engineering and design. Crafted for effortless slicing through materials, it offers a seamless cutting experience reminiscent of a hot knife through butter - especially on long, straight cuts.

Featuring a reinforced steel core and a diamond-coated Mesh Rim, this circular blade minimizes friction, accelerates cutting speed, and efficiently manages heat, significantly extending its lifespan. 


Embrace the power of professional-grade quality and make every project a work of art.

Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this grinder blade ensures that every cut is precise, clean, and fast, thanks to its high-grade materials and anti-vibration technology.




Dense Materials

Precise Cutting of Porcelain Tiles: Achieve clean, straight cuts on porcelain tiles for flooring or backsplash installations, ensuring a professional finish.


Effortless Slicing Through Ceramic: Ideal for intricate cutting of ceramic tiles, delivering smooth edges without chipping.


Detailed Work on Dense Materials: Perfect for projects requiring precise, straight cuts on dense materials, maintaining material integrity.

  • Size: 4.5" diameter (Flangeless)

  • Cutting Performance: Superior, chip-free cutting

  • Blade Type: Turbo Mesh Circular Saw Blade

  • Construction: Reinforced steel core hub for stability

  • Design: Innovative Mesh Rim with diamond coating for reduced friction and heat

  • Cutting Ability: Engineered for smooth cutting of porcelain, ceramics, tile

  • Speed: Maximum speed of 13,200 RPM

  • Usage: Suitable for both wet and dry use

  • Recommendation: Straight cuts only, to prevent grinding, twisting, or side stress during cuts

  • Safety: Use protective gear and safety glasses during operation