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$ 3,338.00 $ 5,015.00 Calidad Starter-Kit Mini
The Calidad Starter-Kit Mini is a meticulously curated selection of professional-grade tools designed to solve the challenges of precision cutting, shaping, and finishing in smaller or intricate projects. This compact tool ensemble offers the essential tools for achieving superior craftsmanship in tile making it perfect for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
de $ 419.29 Tarjeta Regalo Electrónica Calidad
Give a gift of choice with a selection of pre-paid Calidad cards.
$ 15,078.00 $ 22,642.00 Combo Calidad Tiling Crew: más de 50 herramientas Premier en un solo juego
The Calidad Tiling Crew Combo is a meticulously assembled toolkit designed to address the broad and specific needs of larger tiling projects. Solving the challenge of finding the right tool for various tiling tasks, this comprehensive set equips teams with everything from diamond blades and chamfer cones to polishing pads and drilling bits. It's the perfect enhancement for any large crew's toolbox, offering solutions that streamline workflows, increase precision, and ensure a flawless finish on every job. With this combo, tiling teams can tackle any project with confidence, knowing they have the best tools at their fingertips for cutting, shaping, drilling, and finishing a wide range of materials.
$ 94.00 Esponja para lechada TileTek de calidad
The Calidad "TileTek Technology" Tile Sponge revolutionizes grout cleaning by tackling the common challenges of excess grout, persistent haze, and residue with unprecedented ease. Engineered with advanced hydrophilized technology for superior absorption and moisture retention, this high-quality sponge is a game-changer in achieving spotless tile surfaces. Its unique design, emphasizing durability and precision cleaning, makes it an indispensable tool for professional and DIY tiling projects alike.
$ 8,370.00 $ 11,690.00 Calidad Starter-Kit PRO
The Calidad Starter Kit Pro is the ultimate solution for professionals seeking to achieve precision and perfection in tile installation and finishing. Designed to address the comprehensive needs of high-level craftsmanship, this all-inclusive tool set combines top-tier tile tools, ensuring flawless execution in every project. From intricate cutting and shaping to precise polishing and hole drilling, the Calidad Starter Kit Pro empowers users to tackle a wide array of tasks with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.
$ 638.00 $ 705.00 La plaza CaliBro
We partnered up with QEP on this tool and it is currently available for purchase on Amazon and HomeDepot's websites, listed as QEP TileTrim Square.
$ 2,097.00 Calidad 4" PRO SERIES Combo de pulido de 6 pasos que incluye almohadilla de respaldo
The Calidad 4" PRO SERIES 6-Step Polishing Combo revolutionizes surface finishing by offering a comprehensive solution for achieving factory-edge perfect finishes on both engineered and natural stones. Unlike other polishing pads, this set's six distinct grit progressions are specifically designed to eliminate scratches effectively, ensuring a flawless finish. Its key advantage lies in its cost-effectiveness and durability, making it an invaluable investment for professionals seeking versatility and high-quality results across various materials.
$ 923.00 Paquete combinado de almohadillas de pulido galvanizadas (incluye los cuatro granos 60-100-200-400)
The Calidad 4" Electroplated Diamond Polishing Pad Set stands out from alternatives pads due to its specialized electroplated diamond technology. The pads feature a high concentration of diamonds bonded directly to the pad's surface. This unique construction enables a more aggressive polishing action, allowing for faster material removal and a smoother finish in fewer steps. Calidad electroplated pads excel in providing unparalleled precision and efficiency on a variety of surfaces, both in dry and wet conditions.
$ 873.00 Combo de pulido de panal de 4" Calidad (granos 50-100-200-400)
The Calidad Honey Comb 4 Pad Set revolutionizes surface finishing with its unique honeycomb structure, setting it apart from any other polishing pad on the market. This innovative design provides unmatched flexibility and durability, ensuring smooth, consistent results on a variety of hard surfaces. The high diamond concentration within each pad delivers unparalleled cutting power, while the honeycomb layout allows for better dust extraction and cooling during use, reducing wear and extending the pad's life.
$ 252.00 Adaptador Amoladora Angular Calidad: M14 Hembra - 5/8"-11 Macho
The Calidad Angle Grinder Adapter is a versatile solution designed to bridge the compatibility gap between M14 grinders and 5/8"-11 threaded diamond tools. This adapter solves the common problem faced by professionals and DIY enthusiasts working with non-US compatible grinders, allowing for a seamless connection with a wide range of diamond tools. It is an essential tool for enhancing the versatility of your equipment, ensuring that you can use your M14 grinders with core drill bits, hole saws, and other accessories that have a 5/8"-11 male threaded connector.
$ 5,854.00 $ 8,377.00 La combinación de fregadero de cocina
The Calidad Kitchen Sink Combo encompasses our most sought-after tools for cutting, grinding, shaping, and polishing, making it an indispensable toolkit for a vast array of projects. This all-encompassing set is engineered to meet the demands of both professionals and DIY enthusiasts across different materials and applications.
$ 2,432.00 $ 2,718.00 Combo de Coney Island: paquete dúo de cono y chaflán
The Calidad Coney Island Chamfer Cone Combo addresses the challenging task of refining edges and enlarging holes on hard surfaces with ease. Designed for precision and efficiency, this toolkit is essential for anyone looking to enhance their craftsmanship in installations or creative projects. It stands as a critical addition to any professional or DIY enthusiast's toolbox, providing solutions that streamline and improve the finishing process in various materials.
$ 335.00 Esponja Flotadora 11" Celulosa Amarilla 25MM
Elevate your tiling efficiency with our premium Hydro Sponge Float Uncut 11x5.5" (280x140mm), featuring an extra-absorbent hydro sponge designed specifically for the post-grouting cleaning of tiles. This high-performance tool not only speeds up your work with its superior absorbency but also supports environmentally conscious construction, ensuring a meticulous and eco-friendly approach to your tiling projects.
$ 5,585.00 $ 7,799.00 Los diamantes son para siempre combinados
The Calidad "Diamonds Are Forever" Combo is the ultimate toolset designed to tackle a wide range of detailed tasks including drilling, milling, grinding, rounding, shaping, cleaning, and opening up surfaces. Engineered for professionals demanding precision and durability, this comprehensive collection offers a versatile solution to enhance the efficiency and quality of your work on hard surfaces.
$ 453.00 Calidad 10 mm (3/8") Broca de fresado de dedo de diamante "Le Finger"
Unlock unparalleled precision and durability with the Calidad "Le Finger" 10mm Core Diamond Finger Bit, your ultimate solution for intricate and detailed work on hard surfaces. This robust multi-tool is specifically designed to tackle the challenges of enlarging, shaping, and detailing with ease, ensuring flawless results without compromising the integrity of your materials.
$ 822.00 Calidad 25 mm (1") Broca de fresado de dedo de diamante "Le Finger"
The Calidad "Le Finger" 25mm (1") Core Diamond Finger Bit addresses the precise needs of detailed work on hard surfaces without the fear of damage. Its design is tailored for enlarging, shaping, and smoothing existing holes or indentations, making it an invaluable tool for fine-detail projects where precision is paramount.
$ 588.00 Broca rastrilladora para mortero de diamante Calidad 4” de largo x 5/16”
Experience the revolution in mortar removal with the Calidad Diamond Mortar Raking Bit. Designed for unparalleled precision and adaptability, this tool simplifies the process of removing mortar from joints and delicate stone projects, offering a seamless solution that preserves the integrity of your brickwork and valuable stone.
$ 873.00 Calidad Cono Chaflán Diamante 2mm-38mm "Baby Cone"
The Calidad Diamond "Baby Cone" Milling Chamfer Cone (2-38mm) is a revolutionary tool designed to tackle the challenges of expanding, shaping, and rounding over existing holes on hard surfaces with unmatched precision and ease. This versatile tool set is the perfect solution for professionals and hobbyists seeking to enhance the quality and appearance of holes in materials like porcelain, ceramics, and stone, effectively preventing crack development under tension.
$ 1,845.00 Calidad Cono Chaflán Diamante 35mm-75mm "Big Boy"
The Calidad Diamond "Big Boy" Chamfer Cone 35mm-75mm is a robust tool engineered to transform grinding tasks with precision and efficiency. Designed to tackle the most challenging hole edges on hard surfaces, it excels in cleaning up or enlarging holes for toilet flanges, shower valves, and more, making it an essential tool for any demanding grinding project.
$ 437.00 Broca de sierra perforadora de diamante Calidad de 50 mm (2 ") para taladros eléctricos
The Calidad 50mm (2") Diamond Hole Saw is an essential tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who need to drill precise, clean holes in hard surfaces with minimal effort. Designed to work seamlessly with electric drills, this hole saw combines high-speed drilling capabilities with a long lifespan, thanks to its vacuum brazed diamond technology. It offers an economical yet highly effective solution for creating holes in a variety of dense materials, ensuring smooth cuts with minimal chipping.
$ 252.00 Broca de sierra perforadora de 20 mm de diamante de calidad para taladros eléctricos
The Calidad 20mm Diamond Hole Saw Bit is the ideal solution for those requiring precise, clean drilling in hard materials without the hassle. Designed for optimal compatibility with electric drills, this hole saw combines advanced vacuum brazed diamond technology with a durable design to offer fast, efficient drilling and a significantly extended lifespan. This cost-effective tool is perfect for creating smaller, precise holes in a range of dense materials, ensuring smooth, chip-free cuts every time.
$ 2,499.00 $ 2,768.00 La combinación perfecta de agujeros
Unlock the full potential of your drilling projects with the Perfect Hole Drill Bit Combo, featuring a meticulously curated set of 5 Calidad diamond bits. This comprehensive collection is your go-to solution for creating consistent, flawless holes on hard surfaces, catering to a wide range of applications from custom shower installations to intricate wall hangings. Embrace the precision and durability offered by these top-tier bits, designed to revolutionize your drilling efficiency and outcome.
$ 2,667.00 $ 3,070.00 Paquete de brocas de sierra perforadora sinterizada Calidad
.The Calidad Sintered Hole Saw Bit Pack addresses the challenge of making precise, clean holes in hard materials for tiling projects. This set of three diverse sizes (1", 1 3/8", and 2") is engineered for prolonged and consistent drilling tasks, offering unparalleled precision, durability, and efficiency whether used wet or dry.
$ 470.00 Calidad Sierra perforadora soldada al vacío con diamante de 25 mm (1 ") "The Musk"
Unlock the full potential of your angle grinder with our 1" (25mm) vacuum brazed drill bit, designed to seamlessly power through the toughest materials like tile and engineered stone. Experience unparalleled precision and longevity in every cut.