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$ 255.00 Tuerca NIP (se vende individualmente)
The non-marking, impact-resistant plastic grinder nut is expertly designed with a cone shape to prevent tile marring or chipping during mitering. It features a 5/8 - 11 thread for secure attachment.
$ 893.00 Cubeta Lavado 20L Triple Rodillos
The Wash Bucket 20L from Refina with wheels is designed for quick and easy cleaning of sponge floats. Its click-in roller system and sturdy grid make it an essential tool for tile and flooring installers, ensuring efficient and effective residue removal.
$ 199.00 Barra de preparación abrasiva Calidad para cuchillas
The Calidad Abrasive Dressing Bar for Blades (250x50,25 mm) is a specialized tool designed to restore the cutting efficiency of diamond blades, which tend to lose their sharpness when used on non-abrasive yet dense materials. By addressing the common problem of diamond grains wearing out and material adhesion, this dressing bar extends the life of your blades, ensuring continuous high-quality cuts without the risk of damaging your tools. It is an essential maintenance tool for any professional or DIY enthusiast looking to preserve the longevity and effectiveness of their diamond blades.
$ 274.00 Adaptador Amoladora Angular Calidad: M14 Hembra - 5/8"-11 Macho
The Calidad Angle Grinder Adapter is a versatile solution designed to bridge the compatibility gap between M14 grinders and 5/8"-11 threaded diamond tools. This adapter solves the common problem faced by professionals and DIY enthusiasts working with non-US compatible grinders, allowing for a seamless connection with a wide range of diamond tools. It is an essential tool for enhancing the versatility of your equipment, ensuring that you can use your M14 grinders with core drill bits, hole saws, and other accessories that have a 5/8"-11 male threaded connector.
$ 146.00 Almohadilla de respaldo rígida de plástico Calidad de 4" para almohadillas de pulido
Elevate your polishing precision with the Calidad 4" Plastic Backer Pad, designed for enhanced stability during surface finishing. Tailored for use with Calidad polishing pads, this less flexible, high-quality plastic backer offers firm support, ensuring uniform pressure for flawless results on flat surfaces.
$ 183.00 Almohadilla de respaldo flexible de goma de 4" Calidad para almohadillas de pulido
Elevate your polishing game with the Calidad 4" Rubber Backer Pad, designed specifically for use with Calidad polishing pads. This essential accessory ensures optimal flexibility and control during the polishing process, providing a stable foundation that enhances the performance of your polishing pads. Crafted for durability and efficient pad changeovers, this backer pad is a must-have for both professional and DIY projects, delivering smoother finishes and unparalleled ease of use.
$ 693.00 $ 765.00 La plaza CaliBro
We partnered up with QEP on this tool and it is currently available for purchase on Amazon and HomeDepot's websites, listed as QEP TileTrim Square.
$ 455.00 Diamond Grinder Cup Wheel Grit #100
The grinding nut is an innovative tool that transforms a standard angle grinder into a high-quality ceramic edger in seconds. It replaces the conventional nut and clamps the cutting diamond disk onto the spindle of the angle grinder.