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Collection of custom tools created, tested and curated by Tile Bro. Here you will find all innovative products that our favorite tile professional envisioned and brought to you with the help of Calidad Tools. Share, use, enjoy!
$ 695.00 $ 769.00 The CaliBro Square
We partnered up with QEP on this tool and it is currently available for purchase on Amazon and HomeDepot's websites, listed as QEP TileTrim Square.
$ 385.00 5" Cutting & Grinder Diamond Blade "Durty Kurt" (Flangeless)
The Calidad 5" Turbo Mesh Cutting & Shaping Diamond Blade "Durty Kurt" is a revolutionary solution designed to tackle the most challenging tile, porcelain, and hard surface cutting tasks. Offering a chip-free experience with the ability to perform both straight and curved cuts, this flangeless diamond blade sets new standards in precision and efficiency, eliminating the common problem of grinders "bottoming out" and leaving metal marks on the workpiece.
$ 476.00 5" Turbo Mesh Cutting & Shaping Grinder Diamond Blade “Durty Kurt" (with a Copper Flange)
Elevate your cutting and shaping prowess with the Calidad 5" Turbo Mesh Cutting & Shaping Disc "Durty Kurt", now featuring a copper flange for flush mounting. This enhancement not only simplifies attachment to your grinder but also elevates stability and precision, allowing for chip-free cuts on tile, porcelain, and other hard surfaces. Perfect for both straight and curved cuts, this diamond blade eliminates the common issue of grinders "bottoming out," ensuring your workpiece remains free from unsightly metal marks.
$ 256.00 Plastic Grinder Nip Nut (2-Pack)
The non-marking, impact-resistant plastic grinder nut is expertly designed with a cone shape to prevent tile marring or chipping during mitering. It features a 5/8 - 11 thread for secure attachment.