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5" Turbo Mesh Cutting & Shaping Grinder Diamond Blade “Durty Kurt" (with a Copper Flange)

Elevate your cutting and shaping prowess with the Calidad 5" Turbo Mesh Cutting & Shaping Disc "Durty Kurt", now featuring a copper flange for flush mounting. This enhancement not only simplifies attachment to your grinder but also elevates stability and precision, allowing for chip-free cuts on tile, porcelain, and other hard surfaces. Perfect for both straight and curved cuts, this diamond blade eliminates the common issue of grinders "bottoming out," ensuring your workpiece remains free from unsightly metal marks.
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Tile Bro's signature turbo blade guarantees top performance and a chip-free experience. 


Great for mitering and curved cuts. 

The flange/flush-mounted "Durty Kurt" Turbo Mesh Grinder Diamond blade epitomizes cutting-edge innovation, tailored for those who demand precision and durability. This enhanced version retains all the high-performance features of the standard model, including a premium diamond blend and industrial-strength durability for smooth, precise cuts across various hard surfaces. The added flange/flush mount amplifies its utility, providing extra stability and safety, making it ideal for intricate cutting tasks.

The unique mesh design ensures optimal heat dispersion and minimal friction, boosting cutting efficiency and prolonging blade life. Designed to tackle thicker materials without leaving any metal marks, this diamond blade is the perfect tool for achieving professional-grade cuts with ease and reliability.

Disclaimer: The flange supports 5/8"-11 thread. An adapter may be required. 




    Hard Surfaces

    Curved and Straight Precision Cuts on Porcelain: Achieve impeccably clean cuts, ideal for complex tile installations.


    Shaping Hard Surfaces with Enhanced Stability: Perfect for detailed shaping and finishing, with the copper flange ensuring enhanced control and precision.


    Cutting Through Thick Materials Without Metal Marks: Designed to cut deeper without the grinder "bottoming out," preserving the aesthetics of your workpiece.

    • Size: 5" diameter (With Copper Flange)

    • Performance: Top-tier for clean, fast, and aggressive cuts

    • Blade Type: Turbo Mesh Circular Saw Disc

    • Material: Premium metals and industrial-grade diamonds

    • Design: Turbo Mesh Configuration with a unique bond matrix for cooling and durability

    • Cutting Capability: Engineered for highly smooth cutting of porcelain and ceramic tile

    • Flange: Copper, for quick, secure mounting and enhanced stability

    • Anti-Vibration: Advanced design for optimal rigidity and a smooth experience

    • Maximum Speed: 11,000 RPM

    • Usage: Ideal for both wet and dry applications