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35mm (1 3/8") Vacuum-Brazed Diamond Hole Saw Bit "The Musk"

Unlock the power to effortlessly drill through tough materials with the Calidad 35mm Vacuum-Brazed Diamond Hole Saw Bit, "The Musk". Designed for precision, speed, and durability, this hole saw bit solves the challenge of cleanly cutting through tile, engineered stone, and more without the hassle of chipping or extended drilling times.
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Power through tough materials like tile and engineered stone with this high-performance diamond hole saw bit

The 35mm Musk core bit is specially engineered for high-speed drilling and has a long lifespan. The vacuum-brazed diamond side protection offers a smooth and clean cut with minimal chipping. 

Calidad high-speed dry/wet diamond core bits offer the optimal solution for drilling holes in kitchen countertops and bathroom walls for faucets, handles, and soap dispensers. These bits excel at handling tough jobs on dense materials such as tile, engineered stone, and granite. Featuring high-grade diamonds brazed securely onto the tool, they efficiently penetrate tough substances and maintain precision along the desired cutline without requiring a pilot drill bit.

Disclaimer: Wet use of the drill bit prolongs the tool's lifespan.


Engineered Stone 


Artificial Stone

Other Dense Materials

Drilling faucet holes in kitchen countertops


Creating openings for shower and bathtub handles in bathroom walls


Installing soap dispensers in both kitchen and bathroom settings


Making precise holes for outdoor water features or decorations in stone and tile

  • Material: High-grade diamond with vacuum brazed technology
  • Hole Dimension: 35 mm / 1"
  • Average Life Span: 50-60 holes
  • Features:Diamond coating for enhanced drilling speed
  • Depth marks for project accuracy
  • Includes portable plastic storage case
  • Start Tip: Exact start tip to minimize bit walking
  • Pressure: Optimized for stress relief on specific cuts
  • Design: Dry drilling with internal wax lubricant; water can be used for additional cooling
  • Recommended Speed: 11,500 RPMs with water, slower if dry