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Circular Saw Blades

$ 867.00 Calidad 10" Pro-Series X Wet-Saw Blade
Introducing the Calidad 10" Professional Series X Table Saw Blade - your ultimate solution for precise, chip-free porcelain, ceramics, and hard surface cutting. This top-tier blade ensures seamless cuts combining high-grade materials and innovative design to transform your craftsmanship.
$ 260.00 $ 347.00 Woodzilla 7-1/4" 24-Tooth Universal Wood Framing Circular Saw Blade
The Woodzilla 7-1/4" 24-Tooth Universal Wood Framing Circular Saw Blade is your ultimate solution for demanding construction tasks, offering unmatched cutting performance and efficiency. Crafted in Japan with a proprietary blend of micro-grain titanium carbide, this blade is engineered to tackle tough jobs, from rough framing lumber to high-quality finish wood and hardboard siding. Its design ensures clean, razor-sharp cuts on both rip and crosscuts, making it the go-to choice for professionals in framing, roofing, landscaping, and more who demand precision and durability in their cutting tools.
$ 189.00 Calidad Abrasive Dressing Bar for Blades
The Calidad Abrasive Dressing Bar for Blades is a specialized tool designed to restore the cutting efficiency of diamond blades, which tend to lose their sharpness when used on non-abrasive yet dense materials. By addressing the common problem of diamond grains wearing out and material adhesion, this dressing bar extends the life of your blades, ensuring continuous high-quality cuts without the risk of damaging your tools. It is an essential maintenance tool for any professional or DIY enthusiast looking to preserve the longevity and effectiveness of their diamond blades.
$ 656.00 Calidad 7" Pro-Series Diamond Saw Blade
The Calidad 7" Professional Series Table-Saw Blade is specifically designed to address the challenges faced when cutting hard materials like porcelain, ceramics, and granite. Featuring a continuous rim, this diamond saw blade ensures precise, chip-free cuts, making it an indispensable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking flawless results. Its construction is tailored for ease and precision, reducing waste and enhancing the cutting experience across a variety of hard surfaces.