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Sintered Hole Saw Bit Pack

.The Calidad Sintered Hole Saw Bit Pack addresses the challenge of making precise, clean holes in hard materials for tiling projects. This set of three diverse sizes (1", 1 3/8", and 2") is engineered for prolonged and consistent drilling tasks, offering unparalleled precision, durability, and efficiency whether used wet or dry.
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Calidad Sintered Hole Saw Bit Set: 1" (25mm), 1 3/8" (35mm) and 2" (50mm) for all hole making needs.

Ideal for prolonged and consistent drilling tasks. Particularly suitable for hard materials. Tailored to bring precision, durability, and efficiency to your tiling tasks. Wet & dry use. 

Key Features:

Set of 3 Diverse Sizes: Designed to cater to various tiling needs, this set includes bits in 1", 1 3/8", and 2" sizes, ensuring versatility and adaptability to different project requirements.

Sintered Diamond Construction: Unlike other bits, sintered bits are known for their longevity. The diamonds are embedded in the metal matrix of the tool, allowing for consistent wear and prolonged life.  

Precision and Clean Cuts: Crafted to provide sharp, clean, smooth cuts on various tiles, leaving minimal chipping.

Quick and Efficient: Engineered for faster drilling speed without compromising on the quality of the finish.

Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit most standard angle grinders.

Why Choose Calidad Sintered Bits?

Durability: While other bits might offer sharp initial cutting, sintered saw bits tend to last much longer as they wear slower giving you more value for your money.

Consistent Performance: With diamonds embedded throughout the matrix, as the sintered bit wears, new diamond particles are exposed, ensuring consistent cutting performance over time.

Heat Dissipation: The sintering process offers better heat dissipation properties, reducing the risk of overheating and ensuring a longer tool life.




Composite Materials 

1" (25mm) Sintered Saw Hole Bit: Ideal for installing small-sized fixtures, such as bathroom accessories or intricate tile designs. Perfect for drilling precise holes in tight corners or small spaces.


1 3/8" (35mm) Sintered Saw Hole Bit: Optimal for creating holes for medium-sized fixtures, like faucet holes in bathrooms or kitchens. It offers flexibility for plumbing and electrical installations within tiles.


2" (50mm) Sintered Saw Hole Bit: Best suited for larger drilling needs, such as shower drain holes or large fixture fittings. It ensures efficient material removal and broad coverage for significant applications.

  • Sizes Included: 1" (25mm), 1 3/8" (35mm), 2" (50mm)

  • Construction: Sintered diamond bits for longevity and consistent wear with embedded diamonds in metal matrix 

  • Cutting Performance: Designed for precision, providing sharp, clean, and smooth cuts with minimal chipping

  • Drilling Speed: Engineered for quick and efficient drilling without sacrificing finish quality

  • Compatibility: Fits most standard angle grinders, offering universal application

  • Usage: Suitable for both wet and dry drilling tasks

  • Durability: Sintered diamond construction ensures prolonged life and consistent performance over time

  • Heat Dissipation: Enhanced heat dissipation properties to reduce overheating risk