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Abrasive Dressing Bar for Blades

The Calidad Abrasive Dressing Bar for Blades (250x50,25 mm) is a specialized tool designed to restore the cutting efficiency of diamond blades, which tend to lose their sharpness when used on non-abrasive yet dense materials. By addressing the common problem of diamond grains wearing out and material adhesion, this dressing bar extends the life of your blades, ensuring continuous high-quality cuts without the risk of damaging your tools. It is an essential maintenance tool for any professional or DIY enthusiast looking to preserve the longevity and effectiveness of their diamond blades.
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Boost Your Blades' Longevity and Sharpness with Calidad 250x50x25 mm Blade Dressing Bar. 

Calidad bars are meticulously designed to enhance your diamond blade's sharpness. Diamond blades can lose their cutting prowess when used on non-abrasive yet dense materials such as porcelain gres stoneware tile, marble, or non-abrasive ceramics. This happens as diamond grains get worn out and detach while the cut material adheres to the bond surface. This elevates the contact point temperature, decreasing the cut quality until the blade comes to a halt, posing a risk to your tool. 

The solution? Sharpening your blade.

Calidad Abrasive Bar is the ideal choice for restoring your diamond blades. 

It harmoniously marries abrasive grains' size and grit strength, specifically chosen for their diamond tool sharpening properties.

To rejuvenate your blade, make several longitudinal cuts into the abrasive material with the dulled diamond layer. For angle grinder blades, aim for cuts up to 5mm deep, while for ceramic tile cutter blades, a depth of up to 10mm is recommended. Depending on the dullness of your blade, you may need to make several cuts—typically, 10-15 will suffice to restore sharpness.

250x50x25 mm Bar is easy to manage, but we advise securing it with a clamp during angle grinder cutting for optimum safety and effectiveness.

Harness the power of this specialty sharpening tool and breathe new life into your blades today!

This dressing bar is most effective with diamond blades used on dense, non-abrasive materials