The CaliBro Square - Calidad Tools
The CaliBro Square is the perfect tool to help cut tile trims and jolly’s. It will assist in the cutting of 95% of tile trims.
The CaliBro Square enables making a perfect 45-degree cut every time
The CaliBro Square - Calidad Tools

The CaliBro Square

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Calidad Tools & Tilebro Patented Speed Square 

Speed up your work and increase the fine detail consistency every time. 

Introducing the Calidad Tools & Tilebro Patented Square - a revolutionary, innovative, and versatile tool designed to elevate your tiling projects to new heights. With its exceptional design and unique features, you can speed up your workflow and achieve greater precision and repeatability. 

The CaliBro Square is specifically engineered to assist in cutting tile trims and jolly's, accommodating 95% of tile trim types on the market. This indispensable tool is perfect for professional tilers and DIY enthusiasts who demand accuracy and efficiency in their projects.

Cutting metal trim or profiles can be challenging. Traditional methods often lead to the blade launching due to insufficient grip, resulting in wasted materials and uneven cuts. The CaliBro Square eliminates this issue by firmly holding the metal trim, allowing for a flawless 45-degree cut every time.

The square also features a practical valley for pencil trim placement, ensuring consistent and perfect cuts with each use. This is particularly useful for repetitive tasks, allowing you to maintain high quality throughout your project.

Constructed from durable ABS plastic, the CaliBro Square is designed to withstand the daily wear and tear that tools encounter on job sites. It's built to last, so you can rely on it for years.


Key Product Features:

  • Slots for holding metal trims like Schluter profiles: These slots ensure straight cuts and perfect 45-degree miter cuts, making your tiling project a breeze.
  • V-groove for holding 1/4 rounds: This feature allows for a 45-degree miter while keeping the 1/4 round tilted at an ideal 45-degree angle, resulting in seamless inside and outside corners.
  • Compatibility with wet saws and chop saws: The CaliBro Square works flawlessly with a variety of cutting tools, giving you the flexibility to use it in multiple applications.


Say goodbye to aggravation and wasted materials, and welcome a new level of craftsmanship in your work.

  • Features
  • slots for holding metal trims like Schluter profiles. V groove for holding 1/4 rounds.
  • Applications
  • For Precise Straight & 45 Degree Cuts
  • Equipment
  • Wet Saws, Chop Saws


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