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Diamond Hand Pad Grit #120

The Calidad Diamond Hand Pad Grit #120 quickly and effectively solves the common problem of manually removing and smoothing chips on cut edges of porcelain and ceramic tiles. Its unique design and diamond-coated surface ensure a balance between efficiency and surface integrity, making it indispensable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.
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Manually remove and smooth chips on cut edges quickly and effectively. 

Calidad diamond-coated pad is designed for hand polishing and dressing on porcelain and ceramic tiles. 

This diamond pad is inlaid with superior-grade diamonds, resulting in exceptional durability and unmatched precision. The #120 grit size ensures a perfect balance between smoothness and aggression, capable of manually removing chips and leveling cut edges quickly, all while maintaining the integrity of your delicate porcelain and ceramic surfaces.

What sets our diamond hand pad apart is its thoughtful design. Equipped with a soft foam backing, it offers a comfortable grip, minimizing hand fatigue during prolonged usage. The foam backing also absorbs the vibration, providing a more stable and controlled polishing process. 

The rounded edges of the pad are designed to provide unprecedented access to inside corners and previously difficult-to-reach areas, thus offering a comprehensive polishing solution for your tiles.

Our diamond hand pad makes work easy with a soft foam backing and rounded edges to better access inside corners.


Effective chip removal on ceramic and porcelain tile.

Chip Removal on Porcelain Tiles: Quickly and effectively remove small chips from the edges of porcelain tiles without compromising the tile's integrity.


Smoothing Cut Edges on Ceramic Tiles: Achieve smooth, finished edges on ceramic tiles, perfect for custom cuts or adjustments.


General Surface Dressing: Ideal for light surface corrections, enhancing the finish of porcelain and ceramic surfaces with minimal effort.


Inside Corners and Hard-to-Reach Areas: The rounded edges of the pad allow for easy access and effective polishing of inside corners and other challenging spots.