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7" Pro-Series Diamond Saw Blade

The Calidad 7" Professional Series Diamond Saw Blade is specifically designed to address the challenges faced when cutting hard materials like porcelain and ceramics. Featuring a continuous rim, this diamond saw blade ensures precise, chip-free cuts, making it an indispensable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking flawless results. Its construction is tailored for ease and precision, reducing waste and enhancing the cutting experience across a variety of hard surfaces.
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Presenting the superior "Calidad 7" Professional Series Diamond Saw Blade - your definitive choice for precise and chip-free cutting of porcelain and ceramics. 


Crafted with exceptional-grade materials, this intricately engineered blade features a 7" diameter and a 5/8" arbor size, offering compatibility with a wide range of saws. Its slim kerf design curtails waste and reduces dust generation, fostering a cleaner and more efficient work environment.

Witness unparalleled excellence with this high-quality blade that caters to professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Furnished with a corrosion-resistant coating and superior craftsmanship, this blade is resilient enough to tackle the most rigorous tasks, making it a robust and long-lasting asset for your workshop.

Take your cutting game to the next level with Calidad Pro Series 7” Diamond Saw Blade



Glazed Ceramics 

Cutting porcelain tiles for flooring and wall installations


Slicing through ceramic tiles for bathrooms and kitchens


Precisely cutting ceamics for countertops and outdoor projects


Working with glazed ceramics for decorative and functional pieces

  • Diameter: 7" / 180mm

  • Rim Height/Thickness: 8.5 mm / 1.4 mm

  • Blade Speed: 1.1 meters per minute

  • Lifetime: Capable of cutting 1000 linear meters

  • Water Use: Requires water supply of 5 liters per minute during the cutting process for optimal performance

  • Quality: Professional-grade, engineered for clean, fast cuts with a high level of smoothness on porcelain and ceramic tiles

  • Design: Features a high-grade diamond rim with a unique bond matrix for durability and clean cuts

  • Maximum Speed: 3,400 RPM

  • Usage: Recommended for wet use to ensure the best cutting results and blade longevity