Calidad Plastic Rigid back-Up Pad - Calidad Tools
Calidad Plastic Rigid back-Up Pad - Calidad Tools

Calidad 4" Plastic Rigid Backer Pad for Polishing Pads

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Calidad 4" Backer Pad for Grinders

Disclaimer: best to use with Calidad electroplated or honeycomb polishing pads 

Calidad 4" Backer Pad is an indispensable accessory that elevates your polishing experience. This backer pad is specially designed to be used with Calidad electroplated or honeycomb polishing pads for optimal results.

The Backer Pad is engineered using high-grade, strengthened plastic, ensuring its robustness and longevity. The robust construction guarantees that the backer pad resists wear and tear even under rigorous usage. It also features a durable Velcro backing, ensuring a secure and stable grip for the polishing pads. This ensures a hassle-free exchange of polishing pads, thus increasing efficiency.


  • Diameter: 4 inches (Ideal for precision and maneuverability)
  • Material: Strengthened Plastic
  • Attachment: Velcro
  • Compatibility: Angle Grinders, 5/8"-11 thread 
  • Recommended Usage: Calidad Electroplated or Honeycomb Polishing Pads


This backer pad is an exemplar of performance and ease of use. It maintains uniform pressure throughout the surface, ensuring consistent polishing results. The 4-inch diameter balances coverage and precision, making it highly maneuverable for intricate work or tight spaces.

The Calidad 4 Backer Pad is an incredibly versatile tool and a must-have for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. It’s particularly efficient for tile and masonry applications. Whether you’re looking to polish, grind, or buff tiles, stones, or concrete, this backer pad is adaptable to various surfaces and materials.


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