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Grinder Blades

$37.00 5" Turbo Mesh Cutting & Shaping Grinder Diamond Blade “Durty Kurt" (with a Copper Flange)
Elevate your cutting and shaping prowess with the Calidad 5" Turbo Mesh Cutting & Shaping Disc "Durty Kurt", now featuring a copper flange for flush mounting. This enhancement not only simplifies attachment to your grinder but also elevates stability and precision, allowing for chip-free cuts on tile, porcelain, and other hard surfaces. Perfect for both straight and curved cuts, this diamond blade eliminates the common issue of grinders "bottoming out," ensuring your workpiece remains free from unsightly metal marks.
$30.00 5" Cutting & Grinder Diamond Blade "Durty Kurt" (Flangeless)
The Calidad 5" Turbo Mesh Cutting & Shaping Diamond Blade "Durty Kurt" is a revolutionary solution designed to tackle the most challenging tile, porcelain, and hard surface cutting tasks. Offering a chip-free experience with the ability to perform both straight and curved cuts, this flangeless diamond blade sets new standards in precision and efficiency, eliminating the common problem of grinders "bottoming out" and leaving metal marks on the workpiece.
$34.00 Calidad 4.5" Turbo Mesh Flush Mount "Butter Cutter" Grinder Blade (with Flange)
Elevate your craftsmanship with the "Butter Cutter" Turbo Flush Mount Grinder Blade, the ultimate 4.5" grinder disc designed for superior, chip-free cutting performance. Perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, this angle grinder blade transforms cutting with its precise, smooth, and efficient capabilities, ensuring a flawless finish on a variety of materials.
$31.00 4.5" Turbo Mesh Diamond Grinder Blade "Butter Cutter" (Flangeless)
Introducing the classic flangeless "Butter Cutter," a 4.5" circular diamond blade that revolutionizes the cutting experience with unparalleled precision and efficiency. This diamond grinder blade is a game-changer for those who value smooth, clean, and fast cutting in their projects, ensuring exceptional results on a variety of materials.
$31.00 4.5" Diamond Grinding, Shaping & Cutting Disc (With Flange)
The Calidad 4.5" Diamond Grinding, Shaping and Cutting Disc, now with a flush-mount flange, offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency for an extensive range of tile-finishing tasks. This innovative, flange-equipped disc is your comprehensive solution for precision beveling, cutting, grooving, and shaping, enhancing versatility and performance on various hard surfaces with ease and precision.
$28.00 Calidad 4.5" Vacuum Brazed Diamond Cutting, Grinding & Shaping Disc (Flangeless)
The Calidad 4.5" CGS Diamond Cutting, Grinding, and Shaping Disc is a multi-functional marvel, designed to masterfully tackle a wide array of tile-finishing tasks. This flangeless, premium wheel stands as a one-stop solution for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, offering unmatched versatility and efficiency in beveling, cutting, grooving, and shaping tasks on various hard surfaces.
$45.00 Calidad 5" Diamond Vanity Blade with Flange
Experience cutting-edge performance with the Calidad 5" Electroplated Diamond Vanity Blade with Flange, designed to solve the challenges of precision cutting and roughing in one versatile tool. Perfect for both wet and dry applications, this diamond grinder blade offers unmatched precision and a flawless finish across various materials, simplifying complex cutting tasks.
$37.00 5" Diamond Vanity Blade (Flangeless)
The Calidad 5" Electroplated Diamond Cutting Grinder Blade (Flangeless) addresses the need for a versatile, high-precision vanity blade capable of handling both wet and dry applications with ease. This flangeless design ensures seamless compatibility with a wider range of grinders, offering enhanced precision and finish for cutting, chamfering, and side-grinding tasks.
$35.00 Diamond Grinder Cup Wheel Grit #100
The grinding nut is an innovative tool that transforms a standard angle grinder into a high-quality ceramic edger in seconds. It replaces the conventional nut and clamps the cutting diamond disk onto the spindle of the angle grinder.
$31.00 Calidad 4.5" Workhorse Grinder Blade (Flangeless)
The robust "Workhorse Blade," a flangeless 4.5" grinder disc, delivers unmatched durability and cutting precision for porcelain tile.
$55.00 $69.00 4" Turbo Ultra-Thin Diamond Angle Grinder Blade "Big Daddy" (Set of 5)
The Calidad Set of 4" Big Daddy Turbo blades tackles the challenge of daily cutting tasks on job sites with unparalleled efficiency. Designed specifically for tile and softer materials like ceramics, these blades ensure high-speed, chip-free cuts, making them an essential tool for professionals. Their unique design prevents clogging, a common issue with mesh circular saw blades, thereby ensuring a smooth and seamless cutting experience every time.
$49.00 4.5” (114.3 mm) Ultra-Thin Roma Grinder Blade
Introducing the Roma Blade, an ultra-premium 4.5" ultra-thin cutting blade designed for unmatched precision and performance. Its advanced engineering allows for smooth, clean cuts, making it your go-to blade when precision and perfect execution are key.