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Tiling Crew Combo: 50+ Premier Tiling Tools in One Set

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The Calidad Tiling Crew Combo is a meticulously assembled toolkit designed to address the broad and specific needs of various tiling projects. Solving the challenge of finding the right tool for various tiling tasks, this comprehensive set equips teams with everything - from diamond blades and chamfer cones to polishing pads and drilling bits. It's the perfect enhancement for any large crew's toolbox, offering solutions that streamline workflows, increase precision, and ensure a flawless finish on every tile job. With this combo, tiling teams can tackle any project with confidence, knowing they have the best tools at their fingertips for cutting, shaping, drilling, and finishing a wide range of materials.
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Tiling Crew Combo Kit: Everything Your Team Needs For The Next Job 

50+ Calidad Tools: The Best Prices Come in Combos! 

The Tiling Crew Combo includes:

Seventeen (17x) diamond blades for grinders and table saws

1x Calidad 10" Pro-Series X Blade10" table saw blade with a continuous rim, designed for cutting porcelain and ceramics with ease, precision, and a chip-free experience.

2 x 4.5" Turbo Mesh Diamond Grinder Blade "Butter Cutter" (Flangeless) a universal 4.5" grinder disc for superior, next-level, chip-free cutting performance - designed for straight cuts. 

1 x 4.5" Turbo Mesh Diamond Grinder Blade "Butter Cutter" (with Flange)

1 x 5" Turbo Mesh Cutting & Shaping Grinder Blade “Durty Kurt" (with a Copper Flange)made for cutting thicker pieces without having the grinder "bottom out" leaving metal marks on the subject. It features a thicker kerf and a unique cutting surface on the face of the blade. Great for curved cuts and miters. 

2 x 5" Diamond Cutting & Grinder Blade "Durty Kurt" (Flangeless)

2 x 4" Turbo Ultra-Thin Diamond Blade "Big Daddy" (Set of 5) — experience the blades' optimal versatility and everyday utility- specifically designed for tile and softer materials like ceramics.

Three (3x) diamond chamfer cones

1 x Diamond Chamfer Cone 35mm-75mm "Big Boy" effortlessly create flawless bevels and chamfers with this versatile, user-friendly cone.

2 x Diamond Chamfer Cone 2mm-38mm "Baby Cone" designed to easily refine, contour, and polish holes and curves on hard surfaces.

Three (3x) vanity, shaping & grinding discs 

1 x 5" Diamond Vanity Blade (Flangeless) the 5" Electroplated Diamond Cutting Grinder Blade with Flange is truly a 2-in-1 solution, offering both cutting and roughing capabilities for ceramic products, natural stones, and other hard surfaces. The blade is double-sided. 

1 x Calidad 4.5" Grinding & Shaping Disc (Flangeless) a comprehensive solution for beveling, cutting, grooving, minor cuts, flat grinding applications, rounding, and shaping edges and corners.

1 x Diamond Flap Disc Grit #200 your solution for achieving flawless finishes with minimal effort. Its Grit 200 variant ensures that even the finest surfaces are treated with the utmost care, leaving a smooth and elegant finish.

Ten (10x) diamond polishing pads + Two (2x) backer pads 

1 x 4" PRO SERIES 6-Step Polishing Set (grit 50-120-500-1000-1800-3000) + Backer Pad — this universal combo meets all the polishing needs: perfect for tile, engineered, and natural stones. Delivers factory-edge perfect finish. 

1 x 4" Honeycomb Polishing Combo Box (grits 50-100-200-400) — these versatile pads are also excellent for removing excess material from tiles and cleaning up edges on miters, ensuring a professional finish every time.

Six (6x) diamond drilling bits

2 x 6mm (1/4") Diamond Drill Bit "Needle D's 3.0" great for various applications: from custom shower pans, and shower bases to shower walls, towel bars, and toilet paper hangers.

2 x 8mm (5/16") Diamond Drill Bit "Needle D's 3.0" great for various applications: from custom shower pans, and shower bases to shower walls, towel bars, and toilet paper hangers.

2 x 12mm (1/2") Diamond Core Drill Bit "Needle D's 2.0" great for various applications: from custom shower pans, and shower bases to shower walls, towel bars, and toilet paper hangers.

Six (6x) diamond hole saws: 

1 x Sintered Hole Saw Bit Pack — ideal for prolonged and consistent drilling tasks. Particularly suitable for hard materials.

1 x Calidad 25mm (1") Sintered Hole Saw — perfect for small-sized fixtures and fittings. Ideal for tight corners and intricate designs.

1 x Calidad 35mm Sintered Hole Saw - best for medium-sized fixtures like faucet holes. Allows for flexibility in accommodating s plumbing and electrical needs.

1 x Calidad 50mm (2") Sintered Hole Saw - suited for larger tiling needs such as drain holes or large fixture fittings. Ensures broad coverage and efficient removal of material.

Vacuum Brazed Hole Saw Set: 

Great for precise, fast cuts and ease of use. Numerous applications for plumbing, electrical installations, bathroom installations, and others. 

1 x 25mm (1") Diamond Hole Saw "The Musk"great for boring holes in tiles for plumbing fixtures.

1 x 35mm (1 3/8") Vacuum Brazed Diamond Hole Saw "The Musk" — great for making holes in tiles or stone for shower heads.

1 x 50mm (2") Vacuum Brazed Diamond Hole Saw "The Musk" — great for creating larger holes for drainage in stone or ceramic materials.

Two (2x) diamond finger milling bits "Le Finger" 

1 x 10mm (3/8") Diamond Milling Finger Bit "Le Finger" great for grinding out small damaged areas of a tile without replacing the entire tile. 

1 x 25mm (1") Diamond Milling Finger Bit "Le Finger" — great for enlarging or shaping sink cutouts in countertops after using a hole saw. Refining shapes or curves in larger stone sculptures or projects.

Ten (10x) Accessories

1 x The CaliBro Tile Trim Square — a revolutionary, innovative, and versatile tool specifically engineered to assist in cutting tile trims and jolly's, accommodating 95% of tile trim types on the market.

3 x TileTek Grout Sponge — elevate your grout cleaning game with the groundbreaking Calidad Tile Sponge, expertly crafted to combat excess grout, persistent haze, and residue effortlessly.

1 x Sponge Float 11" Yellow Hydro, Uncut 30MM — this premium-quality hydro sponge float 11x5.5" (280x140mm) comes with an extra absorbent square cut hydro sponge for cleaning of tiles after grouting. The square cut sponge collects grout and debris, allowing for longer periods between rinsing and cleaning the sponge during use.

1 x Diamond Hand Pad Grit #60 — this pad leans towards more aggressive capabilities, adeptly handling rougher imperfections and quickly leveling cut edges. Yet, its design still ensures the safety and preservation of your valued porcelain and ceramic surfaces.

1 x Diamond Hand Pad Grit #120 — this pad ensures a perfect balance between smoothness and aggression, capable of manually removing chips and leveling cut edges quickly, all while maintaining the integrity of your delicate porcelain and ceramic surfaces.

1 x Diamond Hand Pad Grit #200 — ideal for finer detailing, ensuring a flawless finish and subtle touch-up, perfect for refining and smoothing your delicate porcelain and ceramic surfaces without compromising their aesthetics.

2 x 7-1/4" 24-Tooth Wood Framing Universal Circular Saw Blade - Woodzilla — slice through rough framing lumber, frame niches, pony walls, high-quality finish wood, OSB, and hardboard siding with this versatile blade.

1 x Diamond Mortar Raking Bit 4” x 8mm — it offers unparalleled control, making it the ideal alternative to using a blade, which can be cumbersome and potentially damaging to brickwork or valuable stone.

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With this combo, you and your crew will have everything needed to elevate your craft to new heights.

Disclaimer: All tools have a 5/8"-11 thread. Finger bits are not designed to make holes, but to enlarge existing ones. You can purchase the adapter separately in our store.

Disclaimer 2: Product combos may change over time. While you'll receive items as listed in your order, we reserve the right to alter combo contents. For an accurate item list, please refer to your package invoice.

Porcelain Tiles: The diamond blades and polishing pads are perfect for cutting and finishing porcelain tiles with precision and a chip-free result.


Ceramic Tiles: Ideal for cutting, drilling, and finishing ceramic tiles, ensuring clean edges and smooth surfaces.


Marble: The polishing pads and chamfer cones can be used to shape, refine, and polish marble surfaces, enhancing their natural beauty.


Granite: Tough and durable, granite can be precisely cut and polished using the combo's diamond blades and polishing pads.


Natural Stone: Whether it's limestone, slate, or travertine, the combo provides tools for cutting, shaping, and finishing natural stone surfaces.


Engineered Stone: Suitable for engineered quartz and other composite materials, offering clean cuts and polished finishes.

This tool set is specifically designed to cater to a wide range of applications, ensuring that tiling crews have the necessary tools for:


Precision cutting of porcelain and ceramics with continuous rim and turbo mesh blades.


Efficient shaping and enlarging of holes on hard surfaces using diamond chamfer cones.


Detailed polishing and finishing of tile, engineered, and natural stones with a comprehensive range of polishing pads.


Drilling precise holes for custom shower pans, bases, walls, and fixtures with a selection of diamond core drill bits and hole saws.


Grinding, shaping, and contouring edges, corners, and surfaces with specialized discs and milling bits.

Thread Standard: Each tool in the set is designed with a universal 5/8"-11 thread, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of equipment and facilitating easy attachment and detachment.


Coating Material: Premium diamond coating is utilized across all tools, guaranteeing exceptional durability, cutting efficiency, and longevity under demanding conditions.


Tool Diameter Range: The set includes tools with different diameters catering to both fine precision work and larger hole creation.


Versatility: Designed to perform a multitude of tasks including but not limited to drilling, enlarging holes, milling, grinding, shaping, cutting, roughing, and cleaning. This ensures the set's applicability across a wide array of hard surface materials.