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Clip Gang Tile Leveling System: 1/8" Clips (1600pcs) & Wedges (500pcs)

Elevate your tiling projects with the Clip Gang Clips & Wedges Leveling System Combo, offering 1600x 1/8" clips and 500 complimentary wedges for a flawless installation. This innovative, tool-free solution ensures perfectly leveled, aligned, and uniformly spaced tiles, streamlining the installation process for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts
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Designed to revolutionize tile installation, providing an efficient and effective method to level, align, space, and hold tiles in place 

This comprehensive package includes 1600 durable 1/8" clips and 500 reusable wedges, engineered to combat lippage and guarantee a smooth, even surface.

The system not only facilitates a professional-grade finish but also significantly reduces installation time. With a focus on ease of use, the clips and wedges are crafted for quick, tool-free installation, ensuring that even novices can achieve professional results. Say goodbye to uneven tiles and inconsistent grout lines with the Clip Gang Leveling System. 


Level, Align, Space and Hold your tile in place for a professional installation with the Clip Gang Lippage Tuning System

Disclaimer: For Tile Leveling Systems (Clip Gang Products) due to their bulky size and weight, we charge a minimal shipping fee, which is just a fraction of the actual shipping cost. This way, you still enjoy significant savings while we ensure your products are delivered safely and efficiently - often in multiple packages. 

Level tiles

Align tiles, 

Space tiles evenly

Hold tiles in place

Floor Tiles

Wall Tiles





  • 1/8" Tile Clips for precise spacing

  • Includes 1600 clips and 500 free wedges

  • Made from high-quality durable polymer for a secure hold

  • Designed for quick and smooth tool-free installation

  • Thin clip base compatible with small tooth trowels to ensure zero voids

  • Features locking ribs on top of clips for enhanced grip

  • Reusable wedges for maintaining even tile height