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4" Honeycomb Polishing Combo Box (Grit 50-100-200-400)

The Calidad Honey Comb Polishing Combo Box revolutionizes surface finishing with the unique honeycomb structure, setting it apart from any other polishing pad on the market. This innovative design provides unmatched flexibility and durability, ensuring smooth, consistent results on a variety of hard surfaces. The honeycomb layout allows for better dust extraction and cooling during use, reducing wear and extending the pad's life.
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Superior diamond polishing pads for unmatched, clean results. 

Experience unparalleled polishing results with Calidad's Honeycomb Polishing Pad Set, expertly crafted to deliver a smooth, consistent finish on a variety of surfaces. This premium polishing pad set boasts a high diamond concentration, offering the perfect balance of flexibility, durability, and cutting power for all your polishing needs.

Transform Your Surfaces with Remarkable Precision and Efficiency: Whether you're working with tile, engineered stone, porcelain, quartz, marble, or granite, the Calidad 4" Honeycomb Dry Finishing Pad Set will exceed your expectations. These versatile pads are also excellent for removing excess material from tiles and cleaning up edges on miters, ensuring a professional finish every time.


Adaptable and Resilient: As you continue to use the polishing pad set, it becomes increasingly flexible, allowing you to polish even the most intricate edges effortlessly. 

Unmatched Performance on the Job Site: With Calidad's 4" Honeycomb Dry Polishing Pad Set, you'll have a dependable polishing system that excels under demanding conditions. The premium cooling technology ensures optimal performance and a longer pad lifespan, providing consistent, superior results.

Each grit-polishing pad of the set is progressively less aggressive than before. The lower grit polishing or diamond grit sanding pads, such as the 50, 100, and 200, are more aggressive, and ideal to grind down the tile, ceramics, and porcelain lightly. Each grit progression removes the scratches left from the diamond pad used prior. The 400-grit diamond pad is considered more of a finish than a grind or polish.

    Tile, Engineered stone, Porcelain, Quartz, Marble, Granite

    Surface Preparation for Tiling:


    • 50-grit Pad: Ideal for aggressively removing old adhesive, smoothing out uneven surfaces, or preparing concrete floors before laying new tiles. It effectively strips away unwanted material, ensuring a smooth base for any tiling project.

    • 100 and 200-grit Pads: Perfect for intermediate smoothing and removing finer imperfections on the surface after the initial heavy-duty grinding. These pads help in achieving a level surface that's essential for a flawless tiling job.


    Refinishing and Polishing Engineered Stone and Porcelain:


    • 200 and 400-grit Pads: These finer grits are excellent for engineered stone and porcelain, where a delicate approach is needed to achieve a glossy finish without over-sanding. The pads smoothly polish the surface, enhancing its appearance and texture.


    Cleaning and Smoothing Edges on Custom Fabrications:


    • All Grits: From aggressive material removal with the 50-grit pad to fine finishing with the 400-grit pad, custom fabrications such as countertops, fireplace surrounds, and intricate stone workpieces can have their edges precisely shaped and smoothed. The flexibility of the pads allows for detailed work on complex contours and shapes.


    Removing Epoxy, Coatings, or Sealants:


    • 50-grit Pad: Effective in stripping away tough coatings, epoxy, or sealants from floors or walls. It provides a robust solution for renovation projects where old surfaces need to be cleared without damaging the underlying material.

    • Pad Size: 4 inches in diameter, providing ample surface area for efficient polishing.

    • Grit Sizes: 50 (aggressive), 100, 200 (medium), and 400 (finishing), offering a complete range for all stages of polishing.

    • Cooling Technology: Premium cooling features ensure optimal performance and extend the life of the pads.

    • Recommended Grinder Speed: 3,000 to 7,000 RPMs, allowing for versatility and adaptability to different materials and finishes.

    • Flexibility: Designed to become more flexible with use, enhancing the ability to polish intricate and complex edges.

    • Material: High diamond concentration for superior durability, cutting power, and longevity.