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Angle Grinder Adapter: M14 Female - 5/8" 11 Male

The Calidad Angle Grinder Adapter is a versatile solution designed to bridge the compatibility gap between M14 grinders and 5/8"-11 threaded diamond tools. This adapter solves the common problem faced by professionals and DIY enthusiasts working with non-US compatible grinders, allowing for a seamless connection with a wide range of diamond tools. It is an essential tool for enhancing the versatility of your equipment, ensuring that you can use your M14 grinders with core drill bits, hole saws, and other accessories that have a 5/8"-11 male threaded connector.
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Convert your M14 arbor to a 5/8" - 11 threaded hub for a 5/8" - 11 male threaded connector. 

It allows using 5/8"-11 threaded diamond tools like core drill bits, hole saws, profile wheels, cup grinding wheels or other accessories with M14 male threaded hand power tools. 

Great tool for anyone working with non-US compatible grinders.

The adaptor converts your M14 arbor to 5/8"-11 threaded hub for 5/8"-11 male threaded connector. 
Converts M14 arbor to 5/8"-11 threaded hub