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12mm (1/2") Diamond Drill Bit "Needle D's 2.0"

Transform your hole-making process with the Calidad 12mm (1/2") Diamond Drill Bit "Needle D's", leveraging the latest in Vacuum Brazed Diamond Technology for fast, effortless drilling. Designed for precision and ease, this solid steel, diamond-tipped drill bit cuts through hard materials like tiles, porcelain, and granite with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. The integration of dry-cut technology ensures longer life and cleaner, smaller holes, enhancing productivity without compromising the tool or workpiece.
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Effortless hole-making 

These half-inch solid steel, diamond-tipped drill bits are designed for fast and effortless drilling and use the latest dry-cut technology. New and improved diamond core bits offer longer life, smaller holes, and minor cutting while avoiding damaging the tool or the workpiece. 

Disclaimer: Use water as additional cooling to prolong the lifetime of the bit.





Hard Materials 

Electrical and Plumbing Installations: Perfect for drilling precise holes for electrical outlets, light switches, and plumbing or heating pipes, ensuring a snug fit and clean finish.


Home Renovations: Ideal for installing fixtures, wall hangings, and other decorative items, providing a secure anchor point in hard surfaces.


Professional Construction Tasks: Offers efficiency and precision for construction projects requiring durable, clean holes in challenging materials.

  • Size: 12mm (1/2") diameter with universal compatibility

  • Material: Solid steel with Vacuum Brazed Diamond Coating for enhanced durability and cutting speed

  • Technology: Vacuum Brazed Diamond, optimal for faster tile drilling and hard material penetration

  • Features:

    • Diamond Coating for improved drilling speed

    • Depth Mark for precise drilling control

    • Exact Start Tip to reduce bit walking

    • Dry Drilling Design with internal wax lubricant for cooling, compatible with additional water cooling

  • Lifespan: Engineered for extended use with superior longevity

  • Storage: Includes a portable plastic storage case for convenience and protection