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Fraisage des doigts

£22.00 Calidad Fraise à doigt diamantée 10 mm (3/8") "Le Finger"
Unlock unparalleled precision and durability with the Calidad 10mm Core Diamond Milling Finger Bit "Le Finger", your ultimate solution for intricate and detailed work on hard surfaces. This robust multi-tool is specifically designed to tackle the challenges of enlarging, shaping, and detailing with ease, ensuring flawless milling results without compromising the integrity of your materials.
£39.00 Calidad Fraise à doigt diamantée 25 mm (1") "Le Finger"
The Calidad "Le Finger" 25mm (1") Core Diamond Milling Bit addresses the precise needs of detailed work on hard surfaces without the fear of damage. Its design is tailored for enlarging, shaping, and smoothing existing holes or indentations, making it an invaluable tool for fine-detail projects where precision is paramount.
£28.00 Mèche à mortier diamant Calidad 4" de long x 5/16"
Experience the revolution in mortar removal with the 4” x 5/16” (101 x 8 mm) Calidad Diamond Mortar Raking Bit. Designed for unparalleled precision and adaptability, this raking tool simplifies the process of removing mortar from joints and delicate stone projects, offering a seamless solution that preserves the integrity of your brickwork and valuable stone.