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Soluciones de pulido

£48.00 £52.00 Disco de láminas de diamante híbrido Calidad, grano #200, acabado liso
The Calidad Diamond Flap Disc Grit #200 brings precision and elegance to finishing tasks, designed to produce flawless finishes on even the most delicate surfaces. Its fine grit ensures smooth operation without sacrificing the material's integrity, making it an essential tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking perfection finishing. Ideal for a wide range of applications, this flap disc combines efficiency with versatility, providing a superior solution for smoothing, grinding, and shaping tasks on various materials.
£100.00 Calidad 4" PRO SERIES Combo de pulido de 6 pasos que incluye almohadilla de respaldo
Unlock unparalleled surface finishing with the Calidad 4" PRO SERIES 6-Step Polishing Set, your comprehensive solution for achieving factory-edge perfect finishes on both engineered and natural stones. Unlike other polishing pads, this set's six distinct grit progressions are specifically designed to eliminate scratches effectively, ensuring a flawless finish. Its key advantage lies in its cost-effectiveness and durability, making it an invaluable investment for professionals seeking versatility and high-quality results across various materials.
£12.00 Almohadilla de mano de diamante Calidad, grano #200
The Calidad Diamond Hand Pad Grit #200 is expertly crafted for those who require a tiling tool that not only removes minor imperfections from porcelain and ceramic tiles but does so with a gentle touch that results in a smooth, refined finish. This hand pad combines the effectiveness of diamond abrasion with the finesse needed for fine polishing tasks, ensuring your surfaces are flawlessly smooth without compromising their delicate features.
£12.00 Almohadilla de mano de diamante Calidad, grano #60
The Calidad Diamond Hand Pad Grit #60 is engineered to tackle the tough job of quickly and efficiently removing heavy chips and smoothing rough cut edges on porcelain and ceramic tiles. Its robust diamond-coated surface provides the aggressive material removal needed for more demanding tasks, while still preserving the delicate surface of your tiles.
£12.00 Almohadilla de mano de diamante Calidad, grano #120
The Calidad Diamond Hand Pad Grit #120 quickly and effectively solves the common problem of manually removing and smoothing chips on cut edges of porcelain and ceramic tiles. Its unique design and diamond-coated surface ensure a balance between efficiency and surface integrity, making it indispensable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.
£42.00 Combo de pulido de panal de 4" Calidad (granos 50-100-200-400)
The Calidad Honey Comb Polishing Combo Box revolutionizes surface finishing with the unique honeycomb structure, setting it apart from any other polishing pad on the market. This innovative design provides unmatched flexibility and durability, ensuring smooth, consistent results on a variety of hard surfaces. The honeycomb layout allows for better dust extraction and cooling during use, reducing wear and extending the pad's life.
£18.00 Disco de corte, pulido y moldeado de diamante soldado al vacío Calidad de 4,5" (con brida)
The Calidad 4.5" Diamond Grinding, Shaping and Cutting Disc, now with a flush-mount flange, offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency for an extensive range of tile-finishing tasks. This innovative, flange-equipped disc is your comprehensive solution for precision beveling, cutting, grooving, and shaping, enhancing versatility and performance on various hard surfaces with ease and precision.
£16.00 Disco de corte, pulido y moldeado de diamante soldado al vacío Calidad de 4,5" (sin bridas)
The Calidad 4.5" CGS Diamond Cutting, Grinding, and Shaping Disc is a multi-functional marvel, designed to masterfully tackle a wide array of tile-finishing tasks. This flangeless, premium wheel stands as a one-stop solution for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, offering unmatched versatility and efficiency in beveling, cutting, grooving, and shaping tasks on various hard surfaces.
£21.00 Hoja de tocador de diamante Calidad de 5" (sin bridas)
The Calidad 5" Electroplated Diamond Cutting Grinder Blade (Flangeless) addresses the need for a versatile, high-precision vanity blade capable of handling both wet and dry applications with ease. This flangeless design ensures seamless compatibility with a wider range of grinders, offering enhanced precision and finish for cutting, chamfering, and side-grinding tasks.
£26.00 Hoja de tocador de diamante Calidad de 5" con brida
Experience cutting-edge performance with the Calidad 5" Electroplated Diamond Vanity Blade with Flange, designed to solve the challenges of precision cutting and roughing in one versatile tool. Perfect for both wet and dry applications, this diamond grinder blade offers unmatched precision and a flawless finish across various materials, simplifying complex cutting tasks.
£7.00 Almohadilla de respaldo rígida de plástico Calidad de 4" para almohadillas de pulido
Elevate your polishing precision with the Calidad 4" Plastic Backer Pad, designed for enhanced stability during surface finishing. Tailored for use with Calidad polishing pads, this less flexible, high-quality plastic backer offers firm support, ensuring uniform pressure for flawless results on flat surfaces.
£8.00 Almohadilla de respaldo flexible de goma de 4" Calidad para almohadillas de pulido
Elevate your polishing game with the Calidad 4" Rubber Backer Pad, designed specifically for use with Calidad polishing pads. This essential accessory ensures optimal flexibility and control during the polishing process, providing a stable foundation that enhances the performance of your polishing pads. Crafted for durability and efficient pad changeovers, this backer pad is a must-have for both professional and DIY projects, delivering smoother finishes and unparalleled ease of use.
£44.00 Paquete combinado de almohadillas de pulido galvanizadas (incluye los cuatro granos 60-100-200-400)
The Calidad 4" Electroplated Diamond Polishing Pad Set stands out from alternative pads on the market due to its specialized electroplated diamond technology. The pads feature a high concentration of diamonds bonded directly to the pad's surface. This unique construction enables a more aggressive polishing action, allowing for faster material removal and a smoother finish in fewer steps. Calidad electroplated pads excel in providing unparalleled precision and efficiency on a variety of surfaces, both in dry and wet conditions.
£10.00 Almohadilla de acabado en seco en forma de panal de 4" Calidad: grano 400
Achieve a flawless finish with Calidad 4" Grit #400 Honeycomb Dry Finishing Pad. This high-grit pad is your final step towards achieving unparalleled shine and smoothness on hard surfaces. It's perfect for fine polishing, leaving your surfaces with a mirror-like finish.