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Diamond 20mm Hole Saw Bit For Electric Drills

The Calidad 20mm Diamond Hole Saw Bit is the ideal solution for those requiring precise, clean drilling in hard materials without the hassle. Designed for optimal compatibility with electric drills, this hole saw combines advanced vacuum-brazed diamond technology with a durable design to offer fast, efficient drilling and a significantly extended lifespan. This cost-effective hole saw bit is perfect for creating smaller, precise holes in a range of dense materials, ensuring smooth, chip-free cuts every time.
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High-speed drilling and a long lifespan


The vacuum-brazed diamond side protection offers a smooth and clean cut with minimal chipping. This is a more economic version of the hole saw bit tool, but it still delivers great performance. 

Calidad high-speed dry/wet diamond core bits are the most effective solution for drilling holes in kitchen countertops, bath /shower walls for faucets, handles, soap dispensers, and others. They easily tackle tough jobs on dense materials like tile, engineered stone, granite, and other surfaces. High-grade diamonds are brazed firmly on the tool, so it bores through hard substances and stays on the intended cutline without the need for a pilot drill bit.


Engineered stone

Other Dense Materials

Drilling accurate holes in countertops for fixture installations.


Creating clean, precise openings in bath and shower walls for plumbing accessories.


Making exact cuts in tiles for detailed work in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Technology: Vacuum Brazed Diamond for high-speed drilling

  • Hole Dimension: 20mm

  • Average Lifespan: Capable of drilling 50-60 holes

  • Diamond coating for enhanced drilling speed

  • Depth marks for precise drilling

  • Designed for dry drilling, with wax lubricant inside and optional water cooling