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Clip Gang Horseshoe Tiling Spacers 1/16" (250 pcs)

Elevate your tiling projects with our 1/16" Horseshoe Tile Spacers, the ultimate solution for achieving flawlessly level and uniformly spaced tiles. Designed for both professional and DIY enthusiasts, these spacers ensure a lippage-free, perfectly aligned tile installation, transforming any space with precision and ease. Twist-Off Jar of 250 pieces.
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Level, Align, Space, and Hold your tile in place for a professional installation with Clip Gang Tile Spacers!

Our 1/16" Horseshoe Tile Spacers are meticulously crafted to support tiles with unparalleled accuracy, providing the ideal balance of functionality and efficiency. These spacers are essential for maintaining consistent grout lines and preventing tile movement during the setting process.

Their innovative design simplifies the installation process, allowing for quick adjustments and a flawless finish.

Ideal for both floor and wall tile installations, they are a crucial tool for achieving a professionally installed look, ensuring that each tile is perfectly level and aligned.

Say goodbye to uneven grout lines with our Clip Gang's Horseshoes Spacers. 

Disclaimer: For Tile Leveling Systems (Clip Gang Products) due to their bulky size and weight, we charge a minimal shipping fee, which is just a fraction of the actual shipping cost. This way, you still enjoy significant savings while we ensure your products are delivered safely and efficiently - often in multiple packages.


Ensures uniform grout lines in tile installations


Prevents tiles from shifting during the adhesive setting process


Ideal for creating a flat, lippage-free surface on both floors and walls

Installation of large format tiles to ensure even spacing and level surfaces


Precise alignment of wall tiles in bathrooms and kitchens for a polished look


Setting intricate tile patterns and designs with consistent spacing and no lippage


Assisting in the installation of tiles over large areas, ensuring uniform thickness and alignment

  • Size: 1/16 inch thickness for precise spacing

  • Material: Durable, high-quality polymer for long-lasting use

  • Design: Horseshoe shape allows for easy placement and removal

  • Compatibility: Suitable for use with a variety of tile types and sizes

  • Quantity: Available in a twist-off jar of 250 pieces for extensive coverage