5" Durty Kurt Blade for Tile & Porcelain by Calidad Tools. A premium angle grinder cutting disc.
5" Durty Kurt Blade for Tile & Porcelain by Calidad Tools. A premium angle grinder cutting disc.
125mm Turbo Mesh Blade "Durty Kurt" by Calidad Tools
5" Durty Kurt Blade for Porcelain and Tile. Long Lifetime and Clean Cut.

Calidad 5" Turbo Mesh Cutting & Shaping Blade “Durty Kurt" (with Flange)

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"Durty Kurt" Turbo Flush Mount Circular Saw Disc With a Copper Flange. 

Tile Bro's signature turbo blade guarantees top performance and a chip-free experience. Great for mitering and shaping. 

Experience unparalleled cutting performance with Tile Bro's signature 5" "Durty Kurt" Turbo Mesh Circular Saw Disc, designed to provide a chip-free experience and superior results every time. 

The "Durty Kurt" diamond blades are engineered explicitly for grinders and are the ultimate cutting solution for tile, porcelain, and other hard surfaces. Our blades boast a unique fusion of high-quality metals and industrial-grade diamonds, ensuring an impeccably smooth, precise cutting experience for straight and curved cuts.

Our innovative mesh design sets our blades apart by offering exceptional heat dispersion and reduced friction. This results in optimal cutting efficiency and enhanced performance. Additionally, our blades feature a hardened core and a specialized tensioning system, providing outstanding rigidity and stability and guaranteeing maximum comfort and a wobble-free experience throughout the cutting process.

The "Durty Kurt" Turbo Mesh Circular Saw Disc is specifically designed to handle cutting thicker materials without causing the grinder to "bottom out" and leave metal marks on the subject. It features a thicker kerf and a unique cutting surface on the face of the blade, making it the ideal choice for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

Our diamond blades are the ultimate solution for all your cutting needs and are suitable for professional tile installers, experienced remodelers, and DIY enthusiasts alike. They are versatile, dependable, and expertly engineered to deliver unparalleled cutting performance, making them an indispensable tool for anyone seeking flawless results every time.

Embrace the power of the "Durty Kurt" Turbo Mesh Circular Saw Disc and cut like a pro!

  • Professional-grade quality for clean, fast, and aggressive cuts
  • Engineered for highly smooth cutting of porcelain and ceramic tile
  • High-grade diamond rim with a unique bond matrix for clean cuts and durability
  • Pure Copper Flage 
  • Turbo Mesh Configuration aids in cooling the blade for longer blade life
  • Reinforced Hub for wobble-free cutting
  • Enhanced anti-vibration design provides the ideal combination of stability and rigidity
  • Maximum Speed: 11.000 RPM
  • Suitable for Wet & Dry Use


Disclaimer: The flange supports 5/8"-11 thread. An adapter may be required. 


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