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4" Plastic Rigid Backer Pad for Polishing Pads

Elevate your polishing precision with the Calidad 4" Plastic Backer Pad, designed for enhanced stability during surface finishing. Tailored for use with Calidad polishing pads, this less flexible, high-quality plastic backer offers firm support, ensuring uniform pressure for flawless results on flat surfaces.
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An indispensable accessory that elevates your polishing experience 

Calidad 4" Plastic Backer Pad for Grinders is specially designed to be used with Calidad electroplated or honeycomb polishing pads for optimal results.

The Backer Pad is engineered using high-grade, strengthened plastic, ensuring its robustness and longevity. The robust construction guarantees that the backer pad resists wear and tear even under rigorous usage. It also features a durable Velcro backing, ensuring a secure and stable grip for the polishing pads. This ensures a hassle-free exchange of polishing pads, thus increasing efficiency.

Disclaimer: best to use with Calidad Pro, Electroplated or Honeycomb polishing pad sets.

For use with Calidad polishing pad sets: Pro, Electroplated or Honeycomb

Flat Surface Polishing: Ensures even pressure distribution for a flawless finish on flat surfaces.


Enhanced Stability Polishing: Provides the rigidity needed for precision polishing tasks, ensuring straight edges and surfaces are perfectly treated.


High Precision Projects: Ideal for projects requiring meticulous attention to detail and uniform finishes.


Versatile Surface Preparation: Useful in preparing surfaces for further treatment or achieving a desired surface texture.

  • Diameter: 4 inches (100mm), optimal for a wide range of polishing tasks.

  • Material: Durable plastic for enhanced stability and reduced flexibility.

  • Attachment System: Hook and loop for secure, fast pad changes.

  • Design: Engineered for reduced vibration and increased control.

  • Compatibility: Specially designed for use with Calidad polishing pads.

  • Usage: Appropriate for use in both wet and dry polishing scenarios.