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Tile Leveling System: Clip Gang Clips 1/16" (400 clips)

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Experience an exceptional tile installation experience with our Clip Gang 1/16" Tile Leveling System. With a Clip Gang lippage tuning system, you can level, Align, Space, and Hold your tile in place for a professional installation.
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Transform your tiling projects with Clip Gang premium-quality clips that level, align, space, and hold your tiles in place, leading to professional-grade results every time. 

Engineered for both professional and DIY use, these durable polymer clips make installation faster, smoother, and more precise. Whether you're installing wall or floor tiles, our revolutionary tile leveling system ensures consistency, perfection, and a lippage-free finish.

Say goodbye to tile bowing and uneven grout lines with our Clip Gang's Tile Leveling Clips

Disclaimer 1: For Tile Leveling Systems (Clip Gang Products) due to their bulky size and weight, we charge a minimal shipping fee, which is just a fraction of the actual shipping cost. This way, you still enjoy significant savings while we ensure your products are delivered safely and efficiently - often in multiple packages. 

Disclaimer 2: Clips work best with Clip Gang wedges (sold separately). Ground shipping applies due to the product's size. This product does not count towards free shipping. 

DIY Home Renovation: Ideal for homeowners embarking on DIY tiling projects, the 1/16" Clip Gang Clips ensure a professional-level tile installation. They are perfect for laying kitchen backsplash tiles, bathroom tiles, or floor tiles, providing an even, lippage-free finish with consistently aligned and spaced tiles.


Professional Construction Projects: Construction professionals can utilize these clips on large-scale projects to achieve a flawless tile layout swiftly. The clips are designed to handle the rigors of heavy-duty use, ensuring that tiles are perfectly leveled and aligned, which is crucial in high-traffic commercial areas or luxurious residential spaces.


Artistic Tile Installations: Artists or designers working on custom tile murals or intricate tile artwork can benefit from the precision these clips offer. They help in maintaining the exact spacing and alignment necessary for intricate designs, ensuring the final artwork is executed flawlessly and without any tile misalignment.


Repair and Maintenance Work: For maintenance teams tasked with repairing or replacing tiled surfaces, these clips are invaluable. They allow for quick removal and reinstallation of tiles, ensuring the new tiles are perfectly level and aligned with the existing ones, making the repair work seamless and indistinguishable from the original installation.

Precision-Leveled Installation: Our 1/16" Tile Leveling Clips are designed to provide precise leveling, alignment, and spacing of your tiles, preventing lippage and ensuring a consistently flawless finish. They are designed to correct tile bowing and grant even grout lines for a seamlessly level surface.


High-Quality Material: Each clip is constructed from the highest quality durable polymer for secure and robust hold. They ensure reliable tile grip from underneath while still allowing the mortar to adhere the tile effectively.


User-Friendly Design: Designed for a quick and smooth tool-free installation, these clips save you time and effort. The thin clip base is compatible with the smallest tooth trowels, ensuring zero voids for an impeccable installation.


Effortless Removal: Our unique design allows the clips to break off below the tile's surface for quick and easy removal, adding to the overall ease of your tiling project.


Reusable Wedges: The reusable wedges lock into clips, holding the tile at an even height for lippage-free results, making them an economically efficient choice for your tile installation needs.

  • 1/16" Tile Clips 
  • Durable polymer construction for a secure hold
  • Made from the highest quality plastic 
  • Designed for a quick and smooth tool-free installation 
  • Thin clip base allowing for use with the smallest tooth trowels ensuring zero voids 
  • Locking ribs on top for a secure hold
  • Designed to hold tiles from underneath while still allowing the mortar to grip the tile
  • Reusable wedges lock into clips, keeping the tile at an even height