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8mm (5/16") Diamond Drill Bit "Needle D's 3.0"

Elevate your drilling capabilities with the Calidad "Needle D's 3.0" Diamond Drill Bit, now available in 8mm (5/16"). This advanced drill bit is engineered to deliver high-speed, precision drilling with exceptional longevity, making it perfect for demanding installation projects. Featuring cutting-edge Vacuum Brazed Diamond Technology, this 8mm drill bit cuts through the toughest materials with ease, offering a significant advantage for installations requiring medium-sized holes.
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"Needle D's 3.0" for Angle Grinders - The new standard for hole bit performance. 

Unleash the power of our Diamond Hole Bits, meticulously engineered for rapid hole creation and extraordinary lifespan. These 8mm (5/16") hexagonal bits, featuring a 5/16" shank, are constructed from sturdy, solid steel. They are the epitome of seamless hole-making prowess. Witness these bits' longevity, precision in cutting smaller holes, and absolute integrity.


High-speed hole-making and a long lifespan. 

Experience Vacuum-Brazed Diamond Technology in action: our bits are fortified with high-strength diamonds that make tile drilling a breeze. This technology shines particularly when drilling pristine holes through robust materials such as porcelain floors, granite ceramics, glass mirrors, marble stone masonry, and bricks.

Great for various applications: from custom shower pans and shower bases to shower walls, towel bars, and toilet paper hangers.





Shower and Bathroom Installations: Optimal for drilling accurate mounting holes for shower enclosures and bathroom fixtures.


Fixtures and Fittings: Ideal for secure installations of bathroom and kitchen fixtures requiring precise, medium-sized holes.


Decorative and Artistic Drilling: Perfect for creating accurate holes in decorative glass, mirrors, and hard stone for artistic installations.


Versatile Material Compatibility: Effective in drilling clean holes in a variety of hard materials without chipping or damage.

  • Size: 8mm (5/16") diameter with a 1/4" hexagonal shank

  • Material: Solid steel with Vacuum Brazed Diamond Coating for superior durability

  • Technology: Vacuum Brazed Diamond, ensuring fast drilling speeds and longevity

  • Features:

    • Diamond Coating for increased drilling efficiency

    • Depth Mark for controlled drilling depth

    • Start Tip Technology for reduced bit walking at the start

    • Dry Drilling Design with wax lubricant for enhanced cooling, also compatible with water for extended bit life

  • Lifespan: Designed to drill 35+ holes

  • Storage: Comes with a portable plastic storage case for easy access and safe storage