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Ultimate Combo Tool Set - Diamonds Are Forever

The Calidad "Diamonds Are Forever" Combo is the ultimate tiling toolset designed to tackle a wide range of detailed tasks including drilling, milling, grinding, rounding, shaping, cleaning, and opening up surfaces. Engineered for tiling professionals demanding precision and durability, this comprehensive collection offers a versatile tiling solution to enhance the efficiency and quality of your work on hard surfaces.
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The Ultimate Diamond Tool Set in One Package

A perfect solution for all the detailed work: drilling, milling, grinding, rounding, shaping, cleaning, and opening up surfaces.

The Diamond Collection includes:

BONUS GIFT: The CaliBro Tile Trim Square a revolutionary, innovative, and versatile tool specifically engineered to assist in cutting tile trims and jolly's, accommodating 95% of tile trim types on the market.

BONUS GIFT: TileTek Grout Sponge elevate your grout cleaning game with the groundbreaking Calidad Tile Sponge, expertly crafted to combat excess grout, persistent haze, and residue effortlessly.


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Also included in this unparalleled tiling set:

2x Classic 4.3" Turbo Big Daddy Blades (Limited Edition) - two grinder blades in size 4.3" with the reinforced core meaning less flexing and bending & even more stability.


Diamond Chamfer Cone 2mm-38mm "Baby Cone" for precision sculpting, enlarging, contouring, and polishing hard surface holes. 

Diamond Chamfer Cone 35mm-75mm "Big Boy" seamlessly craft impeccable bevels and chamfers with this highly adaptable and user-friendly cone. 

5" Diamond Vanity Blade with Flange the 5" Electroplated Diamond Cutting Grinder Blade with Flange is truly a 2-in-1 solution, offering both cutting and roughing capabilities for ceramic products, natural stones, and other hard surfaces.

4.5" Diamond Cutting, Grinding & Shaping Disc (With Flange) specifically designed to handle a wide range of tile-finishing tasks, this premium wheel offers a comprehensive solution for beveling, cutting, grooving, minor cuts, flat grinding applications, rounding, and shaping edges and corners. 

Diamond Flap Disc Grit #200  your solution for achieving flawless finishes with minimal effort. Its Grit 200 variant ensures that even the finest surfaces are treated with the utmost care, leaving a smooth and elegant finish. 

25mm (1") Diamond Hole Saw "The Musk" the Musk core bit is specially engineered for high-speed drilling and has a long lifespan. The vacuum-brazed diamond side protection offers a smooth, clean cut with minimal chipping. 

35mm (1 3/8") Vacuum Brazed Diamond Hole Saw "The Musk"  great for making holes in tiles or stone for shower heads.

50mm (2") Vacuum Brazed Diamond Hole Saw "The Musk" power through tough materials like tile and engineered stone with this high-performance diamond hole saw.

8mm (5/16") Diamond Drill Bit "Needle D's 3.0" great for various applications, from custom shower pans, and shower bases to shower walls, towel bars, and toilet paper hangers. 


12mm (1/2") Diamond Core Drill Bit "Needle D's 2.0"  great for various applications: from custom shower pans, and shower bases to shower walls, towel bars, and toilet paper hangers.

Diamond Mortar Raking Bit 4” x 8mm effortlessly rake behind pipes and reach into restricted spaces where a blade would struggle, ensuring a thorough and professional result.

Disclaimer: All tools have 5/8"-11 thread. Finger bits are not designed to make holes, but to enlarge existing ones. 

Disclaimer 2: Product combos may change over time. While you'll receive items as listed in your order, we reserve the right to alter combo contents. For an accurate item list, please refer to your package invoice.




Engineered stone 

Natural stone

Glass Sheet 

Drilling & Milling: Ideal for creating and enlarging holes in tiles, natural stone, and other hard materials. Perfect for custom shower pans, bases, walls, and installing fixtures like towel bars and toilet paper hangers.


Grinding & Shaping: The set is excellent for sculpting, enlarging, contouring, and polishing hard surface holes, ensuring precise and smooth finishes.


Cutting & Roughing: With the 5" Diamond Vanity Blade, this toolset can handle cutting and roughing tasks on ceramic products, natural stones, and hard surfaces, offering versatility and convenience.


Finishing: The Hybrid Diamond Flap Disc is specially designed for achieving smooth and elegant finishes on even the finest surfaces, ensuring minimal effort for maximum beauty.


Cleaning: The included Calidad TileTek Grout Sponge revolutionizes grout cleaning, making it easy to tackle excess grout, persistent haze, and residue.

Thread Standard: Each tool in the set is designed with a universal 5/8"-11 thread, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of equipment and facilitating easy attachment and detachment.


Coating Material: Premium diamond coating is utilized across all tools, guaranteeing exceptional durability, cutting efficiency, and longevity under demanding conditions.


Tool Diameter Range: The set includes tools with diameters ranging from 5mm (approx. 3/16") to 50mm (approx. 2"), catering to both fine precision work and larger hole creation.


Versatility: Designed to perform a multitude of tasks including but not limited to drilling, enlarging holes, milling, grinding, shaping, cutting, roughing, and cleaning. This ensures the set's applicability across a wide array of hard surface materials.