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The Perfect Hole Combo (5 diamond drill bits)

Unlock the full potential of your drilling projects with the Perfect Hole Drill Bit Combo, featuring a meticulously curated set of 5 Calidad diamond bits. This comprehensive collection is your go-to solution for creating consistent, flawless holes on hard surfaces, catering to a wide range of applications from custom shower installations to intricate wall hangings. Embrace the precision and durability offered by these top-tier drilling bits, designed to revolutionize your drilling efficiency and outcome.
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The Perfect Hole Drill Bit Combo 

5-hole saw bits collection for hard surfaces. 

Get consistent, perfect holes with Calidad diamond bits: 6mm / 12.5mm / 25 mm / 35mm / 50mm 

The bits can be used for different applications including custom shower pans, custom shower bases, diamond core shower bases, shower walls, towel bars, toilet paper hangers, wall hangings, electrical outlets, light switches, plumbing pipe holes, heating pipe holes, etc

The Perfect Hole Combo Drill Bit Set Contains:

1x Calidad 1/4" Diamond Core Drill Bit "Needle D's 3.0"

1x Calidad 1/2" Diamond Core Drill Bit "Needle D's 2.0"

1x Calidad 1" (25mm) Diamond Hole Saw "The Musk

1x Calidad 1-3/8" (35mm) Ultra Thin Wall (1mm) Hole Bit for Ceramics and Glass

1x Calidad 2" Diamond Hole Saw "The Musk"

Disclaimer: 5/8"-11 thread. An adapter may be required.

Crafting custom shower walls and bases with exact hole dimensions for fittings.


Installing towel bars and toilet paper hangers in bathrooms, ensuring a secure and precise fit.


Setting up electrical systems by drilling accurate holes for outlets and switches.


Facilitating the installation of plumbing and heating systems with perfectly sized pipe holes.

Custom shower pans and bases, ensuring precise and clean cuts.


Towel bars, toilet paper hangers, and wall hangings, providing perfect alignment and fit.


Electrical outlets and light switches, enabling hassle-free installation.


Plumbing and heating pipe holes, ensuring seamless service installations.

  • Material: High-grade diamond with vacuum brazed technology

  • Average Life Span: 50-60 holes

  • Features:Diamond coating for enhanced drilling speed

  • Depth marks for project accuracy

  • Includes portable plastic storage case

  • Start Tip: Exact start tip to minimize bit walking

  • Pressure: Optimized for stress relief on specific cuts

  • Design: Dry drilling with internal wax lubricant; water can be used for additional cooling

  • Recommended Speed: 11,500 RPMs with water, slower if dry