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Plastic Grinder Nip Nut (2-Pack)

The non-marking, impact-resistant plastic grinder nut is expertly designed with a cone shape to prevent tile marring or chipping during mitering. It features a 5/8 - 11 thread for secure attachment.
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2x Non-marking - Impact-resistant - Plastic Grinder Nuts



A set of two game-chainging outer angle grinder flange nuts



Tile chipping when mitering can be a significant issue for anyone mitering tiles using a grinder. Our innovative non-marking, impact-resistant plastic grinder nut is designed to make cutting tiles safer and more efficient, eliminating the risk of chipping or marring the tile you are cutting. 


This grinder nut features a unique cone shape specifically designed to deflect off of tile during mitering, ensuring a smooth, chip-free finish. The circumference is larger than the back nut on your grinder ensuring you’ll never get those ugly metal burns on the surface of your tiles again! The slim profile design allows it to fit snugly in tight corners, providing maximum precision and control. Additionally, with its 5/8" - 11 thread, made from high quality Acetal plastic this grinder nut offers a secure and safe alternative to the traditional standard steel nut. 


Ultimate Tile Protection and Precision When Mitering