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Calidad 4" PRO SERIES 6-Step Polishing + Backer Pad Box Set

The Calidad 4" PRO SERIES 6-Step Polishing Combo revolutionizes surface finishing by offering a comprehensive solution for achieving factory-edge perfect finishes on both engineered and natural stones. Unlike other polishing pads, this set's six distinct grit progressions are specifically designed to eliminate scratches effectively, ensuring a flawless finish. Its key advantage lies in its cost-effectiveness and durability, making it an invaluable investment for professionals seeking versatility and high-quality results across various materials.
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A Pro Series Box of 6-Step Polishing Pads + a Backer Pad 


This universal combo meets all the polishing needs: perfect for engineered and natural stones. Delivers factory-edge perfect finish. 


Experience the unmatched versatility and efficiency of our Pro Series 6-Step Polishing Pad Set, specifically designed to meet the diverse demands of installers and stone fabricators. This exceptional combo caters to both engineered and natural stones, ensuring flawless results every time.


The Pro Series Polishing Pad Set is a cost effective and enduring choice for all your grinding and polishing requirements. With each six-step grit progression, the pads effortlessly eliminate scratches from the previous pad, culminating in a consistently brilliant and glossy finish. The flexible design of our polishing pads ensures seamless polishing of even the most intricate edges.


Each step is corresponding to the following grits: step 1: grit 50, step 2: grit 120, step 3: grit 500, step 4: grit 1000, step 5: grit 1800, step 6: grit 3000.


Discover the unparalleled universality of this pad set as it works well on a wide range of applications, including marble, granite, engineered stone, quartz, terrazzo, porcelain tile, and slab. 


Disclaimer: Each polishing pad of the set is progressively less aggressive than the one before. Pad No 6 is a fine polishing pad. We recommend using water for anything past No 3 as it will create a slower and finer outcome - mainly for polishing stones and slabs. 



    Engineered Stone 



    Porcelain Tile


    Initial Grinding: The 50-grit pad (Step 1) starts the process by removing any rough or high spots on the surface, preparing it for finer work.


    Scratch Removal: Progress through the 120-grit (Step 2) and 500-grit (Step 3) pads to effectively eliminate scratches, smoothing the surface further.


    Polishing: Use the 1000-grit (Step 4), 1800-grit (Step 5), and 3000-grit (Step 6) pads for progressively finer polishing, achieving a high-gloss finish on the stone.


    Edge Work: The pads' flexibility allows for exceptional polishing of complex edges and intricate designs, ensuring a uniform finish across all areas.

    • Pad Diameter: 4" / 100mm, ensuring effective coverage and ease of use in tight spaces.

    • Grit Progression: 50, 120, 500, 1000, 1800, 3000, allowing for a comprehensive polishing process from start to finish.

    • Cooling Technology: Integrated cooling technology extends the life of the pads and maintains optimal performance.

    • Recommended Speed: 4,000 RPMs, optimized for the best balance between efficiency and surface finish quality.

    • Usage: Designed for both dry and wet applications, with a recommendation for water use on steps 3 through 6 for the finest results.