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Diamond Hand Pad Grit 60

The Calidad Diamond Hand Pad Grit #60 is engineered to tackle the tough job of quickly and efficiently removing heavy chips and smoothing rough cut edges on porcelain and ceramic tiles. Its robust diamond-coated surface provides the aggressive material removal needed for more demanding tasks, while still preserving the delicate surface of your tiles.
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Effortlessly tackle and refine rough-cut edges in no time.


The Calidad diamond-coated pad has been meticulously crafted for hand polishing and dressing of porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Infused with superior-grade diamonds, this diamond hand pad boasts remarkable durability and unparalleled precision. The #60 grit size leans towards more aggressive capabilities, adeptly handling rougher imperfections and quickly leveling cut edges. Yet, its design still ensures the safety and preservation of your valued porcelain and ceramic surfaces.

A hallmark of our hand pad is its well-considered construction. Featuring a soft foam backing, it guarantees a pleasant grip, significantly reducing hand fatigue even with extended use. This foam layer is instrumental in dampening vibrations, ensuring a consistent and controlled polishing experience.

Its rounded edges have been meticulously crafted to offer seamless access to those tight inside corners, ensuring a comprehensive and effective polishing solution for all areas of your tiles.


Experience ease with our diamond hand pad, cushioned with a soft foam backing and ingeniously designed edges for unmatched access to inside corners.

Primarily intended for use on porcelain and ceramic tiles, the Calidad Diamond Hand Pad Grit #60 excels in aggressive material removal applications. It is perfectly suited for preparing surfaces by removing heavy chips, smoothing out deep cuts, and overall surface leveling where a higher degree of abrasiveness is required.

Heavy Chip Removal on Porcelain Tiles: Efficiently tackle large chips and imperfections on porcelain tiles, restoring their appearance with precision.


Deep Cut Smoothing on Ceramic Tiles: Smooth out deep cuts and rough edges on ceramic tiles, ideal for adjustments or shaping pieces to fit.


Aggressive Surface Preparation: Prepare porcelain and ceramic surfaces for further finishing by quickly leveling and smoothing out the rough areas.


Polishing Inside Corners and Challenging Spots: The pad's rounded edges allow for effective polishing of hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a uniform finish.