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Calidad 4.5 Ultra-Thin Roma Grinder Blade

Introducing the Roma Blade, an ultra-premium 4.5" ultra-thin cutting blade designed for unmatched precision and performance. Its advanced engineering allows for smooth, clean cuts, making it your go to blade when precision and perfect execution is key.
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Master the Art of Precision — Go Ultra-Thin with Roma Blade


The Roma Blade redefines cutting excellence with its extraordinary capabilities. It features a laser-segmented, ultra-thin diamond layer that ensures efficient cooling and precise cutting through even the toughest materials. It provides enhanced control over the cutting line. 


The robust, flange-strengthened housing of the Roma Blade guarantees durability and superior performance, while its compatibility with standard angle grinders makes it a versatile choice for any cutting job.


  • Ceramic tiles, including those with soft glaze

  • Decorative coatings

  • Hard ceramic tiles

  • Possibly other hard materials like glass or dense stone (verify with technical specs)

Mosaics: ultra-thin cut minimizes waste and allows for the fine detailing necessary in mosaic artwork, providing artists the ability to achieve detailed and vibrant results without damaging the delicate tiles.


Backsplashes: The precision of the Roma Blade enables tile setters to make clean, exact cuts, ensuring that the backsplash integrates perfectly with other kitchen elements, enhancing the overall design and utility of the space.


Custom Showers: The precise cutting capabilities allow for exact adjustments around curves and corners, ensuring a seamless finish that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

  • Diameter: 4.5 inches

  • Mounting Hole: Standard 22.2 mm

  • Cutting Layer: Ultra-thin diamond layer, 1.1 mm

  • Blade Variations: Available for dry cutting

  • Design: See-through cutting line control

  • Enhanced Features: Flange-strengthened blade housing, laser-segmented for efficient cooling