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Calidad 4.5" Turbo Mesh Flush Mount "Butter Cutter" Grinder Blade (with Flange)

Elevate your craftsmanship with the "Butter Cutter" Turbo Flush Mount Grinder Blade, the ultimate 4.5" grinder disc designed for superior, chip-free cutting performance. Perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, this angle grinder blade transforms cutting with its precise, smooth, and efficient capabilities, ensuring a flawless finish on a variety of materials.
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Superior, next-level, chip-free cutting performance.

A universal 4.5" grinder disc designed for straight cuts, the "Butter Cutter" stands out in the grinder blade market, offering unparalleled cutting precision with its innovative design. Engineered to glide through materials with ease, it promises a hot-knife-through-butter experience, making it a go-to tool for any tile-cutting job. 

Its reinforced steel core hub and innovative Mesh Rim design, coated with high-grade diamonds, reduce friction, enhance speed, and prolong the blade's life by efficiently dispersing heat. This professional-grade blade is your partner in achieving clean, fast, and aggressive cuts with stability and rigidity, ensuring every project is a masterpiece.




Dense Materials

Efficient Porcelain Tile Cutting: For swift, clean cuts on porcelain tiles, enhancing flooring or backsplash installations with professional finishes.


Smooth Ceramic Slicing: Perfect for detailed ceramic tile cutting, delivering chip-free edges for intricate designs.


Precision on Dense Materials: Ideal for projects requiring accurate, straight cuts on dense materials, preserving material quality.

  • Size: 4.5" diameter (With Flange)

  • Cutting Performance: Superior, chip-free

  • Blade Type: Turbo Mesh Grinder Blade 

  • Construction: Reinforced steel core hub for reduced vibration

  • Design: Mesh Rim with diamond coating for less friction and optimal heat dispersion

  • Application: Smooth cutting of porcelain, ceramics, tile

  • Speed: Maximum operational speed of 13,200 RPM

  • Usage: Suitable for both wet and dry applications

  • Mounting: Quick and secure flush mount with flange for speedy setup

  • Recommendation: Straight cuts preferred to avoid grinding, twisting, or side stress

  • Safety: Always use with protective gear and safety glasses