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4" Turbo Ultra-Thin Diamond Angle Grinder Blade "Big Daddy" (Set of 5)

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The Calidad Set of 4" Big Daddy Turbo blades tackles the challenge of daily cutting tasks on job sites with unparalleled efficiency. Designed specifically for tile and softer materials like ceramics, these blades ensure high-speed, chip-free cuts, making them an essential tool for professionals. Their unique design prevents clogging, a common issue with mesh circular saw blades, thereby ensuring a smooth and seamless cutting experience every time.
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Clean, precise cuts on ceramic tiles without the risk of chipping - every time. Ideal for intricate layouts and designs

Experience the blades' optimal versatility and everyday utility. These 4" (105mm) grinder blades are reliable for cutting surfaces, specifically designed for tile and softer materials like ceramics.

High-speed and neat cuts without chipping are guaranteed, allowing you to work effortlessly. Unlike mesh circular saw blades that often get clogged with softer materials, our turbo continuous rim blades are meticulously designed to avoid such issues, ensuring a seamless cutting experience every time.

Disclaimer: Each blade is individually packed in a secure sleeve for convenience. Each sleeve contains an extra fitting ring in the back of the packaging. 



Other Softer Surfaces 

  • Precision Tile Cutting: Achieve clean, precise cuts on ceramic tiles without the risk of chipping, ideal for intricate layouts and designs.


  • Soft Material Processing: Perfect for materials like ceramics where minimal resistance and smooth cuts are essential.


  • Versatile Cutting Conditions: Capable of performing optimally in both dry and wet conditions, offering flexibility across various project needs.


  • General-Purpose Cutting: Whether it's detailed work or bulk cutting, these blades provide reliable performance and durability.

  • Blade Diameter: 105mm / 4", fitting perfectly with 4" or 4.5" angle grinders.

  • Usable Segment Height: 0.3" designed for long-term use and efficiency.

  • Kerf: Ultra-thin design for less weight and reduced strain on the grinder motor.

  • Diamond Quality: Encrusted with the highest quality industrial diamonds for superior cutting speed.

  • Heat Management: Stabilizer vents included for improved heat dissipation, preventing blade warping.

  • Material: Tungsten Carbide treated for prolonged sharpness.

  • Cutting Design: Continuous rim for smooth, chip-free cutting.

  • Cutting Conditions: Suitable for both dry or wet cutting, enhancing versatility.