Coney Island Combo - Calidad Tools
Coney Island Combo - Calidad Tools
Coney Island Combo - Calidad Tools
2-38mm Baby Chamfer Cone for Porcelain, Ceramics and Stone

Coney Island Combo: Chamfer-Cone Duo Pack

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Introducing the Calidad Diamond Chamfer Cone Duo Pack: Professional Polishing, Carving, and Shaping Solutions.

Experience unparalleled perfection in cleaning up or enlarging hole edges in hard surfaces, such as those in toilet flanges and shower valves. This indispensable tool is a game-changer for refining or shaping any curve that requires grinding.

Elevate your craftsmanship with the Calidad Diamond Chamfer Cone Duo Pack, featuring two best-selling diamond cones in two versatile sizes to cater to all your polishing, carving, and shaping needs. This premium set includes the following professional-grade tools:

Calidad Diamond Chamfer Cone 35mm-75mm "Big Boy"

The "Big Boy" is a highly versatile tool designed for a wide range of applications, including polishing, stone carving, hollow tangent, shaping, trimming, and enlarging holes. Its precision-engineered diamond surface excels at working with inside radius corners and is ideal for use on hard materials such as porcelain, hard ceramics, granite, marble, and stone.

Calidad Diamond Chamfer Cone 2mm-38mm "Baby Cone"

The "Baby Cone" is a compact and highly efficient tool, perfect for coping, trimming, milling, shaping, beveling, and enlarging holes in tiles and other materials. Its diamond-coated surface ensures a smooth, beautiful hole finish, while its ability to clean inside radius corners and remove chips makes it an invaluable addition to your tool collection.

The Calidad Diamond Chamfer Cone Duo Pack offers unparalleled performance and durability, making it the perfect choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Experience the difference in quality and precision with these exceptional diamond tools, designed to elevate your craft to new heights.

A lifesaver for any curve that needs grinding. 

  • Vacuum brazed technology used for faster performance
  • High-quality raw materials and advanced production process ensure durability and effectiveness
  • High industrial diamond concentration for increased strength and extended tool life
  • Durable premium metal/steel construction
  • Fine finish and quick milling capabilities
  • Easy to clean and trim
  • Perfect weight ratio between milling head and base for optimal use
  • Designed for use with grinders featuring 5/8"-11 thread
  • Recommended speed of 11,500 RPMs or slower for a cleaner finish and longer tool life

Disclaimer: This is not a core bit for drilling. The tool is designed for beveling and cleaning hard surface holes, and reinforcing /cleaning chipped borders. 


  • Applications
  • inside radius corners, coping and cleaning/enlarging holes
  • Features
  • Synthetic diamond and high quality metal, high strength and hardness, high durability
  • Equipment
  • Angle grinders and drills with hex to 5/8-11" thread adapter


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