Calidad 1/2" Vacuum Brazed Dry Diamond Core Drill Bit "Needle D's" - Calidad Tools
Calidad 1/2" Vacuum Brazed Dry Diamond Core Drill Bit "Needle D's" - Calidad Tools

Calidad 12mm (1/2") Diamond Core Drill Bit "Needle D's 2.0"

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Universal 1/2 inch Vacuum Brazed Diamond Core Drill Bit 

Needle D's for effortless hole-making 

These half-inch solid steel, diamond-tipped drill bits are designed for fast and effortless drilling needs and are designed with the latest dry-cut technology. New and improved diamond core bits offer longer life, smaller holes, and minor cutting while avoiding damaging the tool or the workpiece. 

  • Vacuum Brazed Diamond Technology - High-strength diamonds for faster tile drilling; excellent for drilling clean holes in hard materials, especially tiles, porcelain ground, granite ceramic 
  • Details - Diamond coating enhances the drilling speed; Depth mark is helpful for the particular project; includes a portable plastic storage case for convenient use and storage.
  • Start Tip - Exact start tip for a minimal bit of walking 
  • Pressure - Ideal for relieving pressure on specific cuts 
  • Dry Drilling Design - Heavy Duty Diamond Drill Bit is integrated with wax lubricant inside, which melts while dry drilling and cools the cutting surface; 
  • Numerous Applications - wall hangings, electrical outlets, light switches, plumbing pipe holes, heating pipe holes, and other
  • Worry-Free Assistance - If you encounter problems using the products, feel free to contact us for satisfactory customer service.

Use water as additional cooling to prolong the lifetime of the bit.

  • Applications
  • Great for all types of hard materials such as quarry tile, porcelain, slate, ceramic, travertine, and granite
  • Features
  • 3/16" (5mm) Vacuum brazed, Diamond technology, 14" Shank, Steel Shaft
  • Equipment
  • Fits a variety of quick-change chucks, drills or drivers


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