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10" Pro-Series X Granite & Sandstone Blade

Experience unmatched cutting prowess with the Professional Series X blade, engineered specifically for handling the density and challenges of granite and sandstone materials.
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10" Table-Saw Granite & Sandstone Blade 


The Pro-Series X is the epitome of cutting precision and durability, tailored for professionals facing the toughest cutting environments. Its continuous rim design is perfected to conquer the dense and abrasive nature of granite and sandstone, ensuring smooth and flawless finishes. 


Granite and sandstone are notoriously tough, requiring a blade that can handle their density without wearing down quickly. The Pro-Series X features a specially formulated diamond edge, optimized for these hard materials. The diamond segments are engineered to be tough enough to cut through granite and sandstone efficiently, reducing the time and effort needed for such tasks.


This blade not only excels in performance but also prioritizes reducing waste and dust, enhancing both the work environment and the blade's lifespan. 


Cut like a PRO. 



Architectural Fabrication: Ideal for cutting complex shapes and precise dimensions in granite and limestone used in architectural detailing such as cornices, window sills, and facades. This blade ensures that each piece fits seamlessly into the overall design, enhancing the aesthetic and structural integrity of the building.


Custom Countertops and Stone Furniture: Perfect for creating custom countertops, tables, and benches from granite and limestone. Its precision cutting capabilities allow for exact dimensions and smooth finishes, critical for fitting countertops in kitchens and bathrooms or crafting bespoke stone furniture that combines beauty with durability.


Landscaping and Outdoor Decor: This blade is excellent for shaping stone for outdoor landscaping projects, including pavers, stepping stones, and decorative garden benches. It cuts cleanly through granite and limestone, ensuring that each piece contributes to a polished and professional outdoor space.

Diameter: 10" / 250mm, tailored for table saws.

Rim Height/Thickness: 10 mm / 1.6 mm, engineered for precise and clean cuts on dense materials.

Blade Speed: 1.1 meters per minute, optimized for efficient cutting through granite and limestone.

Lifetime: 1000 linear meters, designed for extended use with tough materials.

Water-Use: Essential supply of 5 liters per minute, crucial for optimal performance and dust reduction when cutting dense stone.

Profession-Grade Quality: Ensures smooth, rapid cuts with clean finishes on granite and limestone.

Design: Features a high-grade diamond rim with a specialized bond matrix that excels in cutting dense and abrasive materials.

Maximum Speed: 3,050 RPM, ideal for high-intensity cutting tasks.

Wet Use: Mandatory for maintaining blade longevity and reducing airborne particles.

Arbor Size: 5/8", ensures compatibility with most table saws.

Construction: Includes a corrosion-resistant coating and a thin kerf design to maximize cutting efficiency and blade lifespan.