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Calidad 4.5" Workhorse Grinder Blade (Flangeless)

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The robust "Workhorse Blade," a flangeless 4.5" grinder disc, delivers unmatched durability and cutting precision for porcelain tile.
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Experience Unmatched Durability with the Calidad 4.5" Workhorse Grinder Blade 

The robust "Workhorse Blade", a flangeless 4.5" grinder disc, delivers unmatched durability and cutting precision for porcelain and ceramic tiles


For Tough Jobs: Engineered for Everyday Precision 

The "Workhorse Blade" is crafted with a sturdy steel core and features a premium diamond-coated rim, designed to tackle tough tasks effortlessly. Its flangeless design enhances cutting precision, making it ideal for straight, clean cuts in demanding applications.


Endless Performance, Cut After Cut 

Designed to meet the demands of high-volume usage, this blade ensures every cut is executed with precision, speed, and ease, turning routine work into exceptional craftsmanship. The continuous rim design provides smooth, chip-free cuts, perfect for detailed and fine work on dense materials.



Precise Cutting of Porcelain Tiles: Achieve clean, straight cuts on porcelain tiles for flooring or backsplash installations, ensuring a professional finish.


Effortless Slicing Through Ceramic: Ideal for intricate cutting of ceramic tiles, delivering smooth edges without chipping.


Detailed Work on Dense Materials: Perfect for projects requiring precise, straight cuts on dense materials, maintaining material integrity.

  • Size: 4.5" diameter (Flangeless)

  • Performance: Extra Durable 

  • Blade Type: Continuous Rim Design 

  • Construction: Reinforced steel core hub for stability

  • Cutting Ability: Engineered for smooth cutting of porcelain, ceramics, tile

  • Speed: Maximum speed of 13,200 RPM

  • Usage: Suitable for both dry use

  • Recommendation: Straight cuts only, to prevent grinding, twisting, or side stress during cuts

  • Safety: Use protective gear and safety glasses during operation