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Sponge Float 11" Yellow Hydro, Uncut 30MM

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Elevate your tiling projects with our premium Hydro Sponge Float Uncut 11x5.5" (280x140mm), featuring an extra-absorbent hydro sponge designed specifically for the post-grouting cleaning of tiles. This high-performance tool not only speeds up your work with its superior absorbency but also supports environmentally conscious construction, ensuring a meticulous and eco-friendly approach to your tiling projects.
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Optimized for Efficiency and Comfort

This premium-quality hydro sponge float 11x5.5" (280x140mm) comes with an extra absorbent hydro sponge for cleaning tiles after grouting.

Our Hydro Sponge Float is a game-changer in the world of tiling, combining practicality with performance. The core of this float is its 30mm thick hydro sponge, renowned for its exceptional absorbency and ability to collect grout and debris efficiently. This means fewer interruptions for rinsing, allowing you to maintain your focus and efficiency throughout the task. 

The float's large surface area ensures comprehensive coverage, while the ergonomic soft grip handle is designed to provide comfort and control, reducing hand fatigue for a smoother, more enjoyable tiling experience. The sponge collects grout and debris, allowing for longer periods between rinsing and cleaning the sponge during use.


Product Performance:

Absorption (5/5): Superior sponge quality allows for efficient soaking up of excess grout, reducing mess and wastage.

Release (5/5): Optimized to provide controlled cleaning, preventing over-saturation and ensuring a neat finish.

Retention (1/5): Excellently holds moisture, facilitating a smooth, even spread of grout for a flawless finish. 

This Sponge Float is not just a tool; it's a solution. Whether you're a professional tiler or a DIY enthusiast, this sponge float is designed to make your tiling process more efficient, less tiresome, and environmentally friendly. Embrace the ease and precision it brings to your grouting and cleaning tasks.

Enhancing the efficiency of grouting in bathroom renovations.


Achieving professional-grade finishes in kitchen backsplash installations.


Facilitating seamless grout application in commercial flooring projects.


Streamlining the finishing touches on custom-tiled shower enclosures.

Ideal for all tiling projects, ensuring a smooth, even spread of grout.


Perfect for surfaces including ceramic, porcelain, glass tiles, and natural stone.


Can be used on both indoor and outdoor tiling surfaces.

  • Dimensions: 11x5.5" (280x140mm), crafted for optimal coverage and user ease.

  • Sponge Type: Premium 30mm thick hydro sponge, selected for unparalleled absorbency and debris collection.

  • Handle: Ergonomic soft grip design, ensuring comfortable, non-slip handling for prolonged use.

  • Material: Constructed from recycled, single-piece plastic, emphasizing durability while upholding environmental values.

  • Performance Ratings: Absorption 5/5, Release 5/5, Retention 1/5, ensuring top-notch efficiency and ease of use in every tiling project.