Calidad 7" Pro-Series Diamond Table-Saw Blade - Calidad Tools
Calidad 7" Pro-Series Diamond Table-Saw Blade - Calidad Tools

Calidad 7" Pro-Series Diamond Table-Saw Blade

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Calidad 7" Professional Series Table-Saw Blade 

The 7" diamond table saw blade has a continuous rim, designed for cutting porcelain and hard ceramics with ease, precision, and a chip-free experience. 

Presenting the superior "Calidad 7" Professional Series Table-Saw Blade - your definitive choice for precise and chip-free cutting of porcelain, ceramics, and granite. Witness unparalleled excellence with this high-quality blade that caters to professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Explore the formidable prowess of our premier 7" table-saw blade, integrating a continuous rim for unmatched performance. Ideal for glazed ceramics, ceramic granite, porcelain gres, wall and floor tiles, and all types of granite materials, its continuous rim design ensures minimal chipping and cracking, delivering impeccably smooth, clean cuts every time.

Crafted with exceptional-grade materials, this intricately engineered blade features a 7" diameter and a 5/8" arbor size, offering compatibility with a wide range of table saws. Its slim kerf design curtails waste and reduces dust generation, fostering a cleaner and more efficient work environment.

Furnished with a corrosion-resistant coating and superior craftsmanship, this blade is resilient enough to tackle the most rigorous tasks, making it a robust and long-lasting asset for your workshop.

Maintaining and reviving the diamond blade is now a breeze with the Calidad Abrasive Bar.


Take your cutting game to the next level. 

  • Diameter 7" / 180mm: used best with table saws 
  • Rim Height /Thickness: 8.5 mm/ 1.4 mm
  • Blade Speed: 1.1 meters per minute
  • Lifetime: 1000 linear meters
  • Water-Use:  It is necessary to supply water in the amount of 5 liters per minute of the cutting process
  • Professional-grade quality:  makes clean & fast cuts; engineered for highly smooth cutting of porcelain and ceramic tile
  • Design: the high-grade diamond rim with a unique bond matrix for clean cuts and durability
  • Maximum Speed: 3.400 RPM 
  • Wet Use 


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