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Diamond Mortar Raking Bit 4” x 5/16” (101 x 8 mm)

Experience the revolution in mortar removal with the 4” x 5/16” (101 x 8 mm) Calidad Diamond Mortar Raking Bit. Designed for unparalleled precision and adaptability, this raking tool simplifies the process of removing mortar from joints and delicate stone projects, offering a seamless solution that preserves the integrity of your brickwork and valuable stone.
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Mortar Removal Made Easy. 

Transform how you approach mortar removal with the Calidad Vacuum Brazed Diamond Mortar Raking Bit. Expertly designed for precision and adaptability, this high-quality tool is perfect for tackling intricate and delicate work, particularly on vertical joints and natural stone projects. 

Enhanced Control: The Calidad Diamond Mortar Raking Bit offers unparalleled control, making it the ideal alternative to using a blade, which can be cumbersome and potentially damaging to brickwork or valuable stone.

Access Hard-to-Reach Areas: Effortlessly rake behind pipes and reach into restricted spaces where a blade would struggle, ensuring a thorough and professional result.

Versatile Applications: The Calidad Raking Bit is perfect for use on masonry, concrete, render, and natural stone, providing a versatile solution for a wide range of projects.

Wet or Dry Compatibility: The unique design of the Calidad mortar raking bit allows for both wet and dry usage, catering to your specific needs and ensuring optimal performance in any situation.

Disclaimer: All tools have a 5/8"-11 thread. Finger bits are not designed to make holes, but to enlarge existing ones. You can purchase the adapter separately in our store.





Natural stone

Mortar Removal: Efficiently removes mortar from between bricks and stone, perfect for restoration or renovation projects.


Tight Spaces: Exceptional for raking mortar in confined areas where traditional tools cannot reach, ensuring thorough and consistent results.


Vertical Joints: Specifically designed for delicate work on vertical joints, minimizing damage to the brickwork or stone.


Adaptable to Wet and Dry Conditions: Whether in dry conditions or using water to minimize dust, this bit performs optimally, catering to diverse project needs.

  • Material: High-quality diamonds with vacuum-brazed technology for enhanced durability and cutting speed.

  • Size: 4” long x 5/16”

  • Compatibility: Attaches directly to most angle grinders with a standard 5/8"-11 thread.

  • Technology: Vacuum-brazed to increase resistance to temperature and friction, extending the tool's life.

  • Usage: Suitable for both wet and dry applications, providing flexibility across various projects.