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Diamond Grinder Cup Wheel Grit #100

The grinding nut is an innovative tool that transforms a standard angle grinder into a high-quality ceramic edger in seconds. It replaces the conventional nut and clamps the cutting diamond disk onto the spindle of the angle grinder.
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A quick and convenient solution for fine-tuning tile edges. 


This angle grinder grinding nut features a diamond layer on its end surface, effectively turning it into a robust diamond cutter. This design allows for immediate sanding of ceramic tile edges right after cutting with a grinder, enhancing convenience and productivity. 


The diamond grinding nut is available in a grit 100 version tailored for finishing needs. It includes a 5/8"-11 thread for easy attachment and features a lead-in chamfer on the diamond layer for smooth incisions. Recommended RPMs are 11.000. 

The grinding nut is suitable for use on various materials including wall ceramic tiles and durable stoneware. It is specifically designed for angle grinders, making it versatile for use in both construction and home improvement projects.

Home Renovation: DIY enthusiasts can use the grinding nut to quickly and efficiently sand and finish tile edges during kitchen or bathroom renovations.


Construction Projects: Professionals in construction can employ this tool for large-scale projects where speed and edge quality are crucial, allowing for rapid processing and installation of ceramic tiles.


Custom Tile Work: Ideal for custom tile shaping and finishing, ensuring that the tiles fit perfectly in uniquely designed spaces or intricate patterns.

Material Compatibility:

Wall ceramic tiles

Durable stoneware

Diamond Layer:

End surface equipped with a diamond coating

Includes a lead-in chamfer for smooth incisions

Grit Type:

Available with 100 grit for finishing

Tool Compatibility:

Designed for use with angle grinders

Rotational Speed:

Suitable for use at 11000 rpm

Cooling Requirement:

Operates without the need for cooling

Thread Specification:

Features a 5/8"-11 thread for attachment to angle grinders