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Diamond Chamfer Cone 2mm-38mm "Baby Cone"

The Calidad Diamond "Baby Cone" Milling Chamfer Cone (2-38mm) is a revolutionary tool designed to tackle the challenges of expanding, shaping, and rounding over existing holes on hard surfaces with unmatched precision and ease. This versatile tool is the perfect solution for professionals and hobbyists seeking to enhance the quality and appearance of holes in materials like porcelain, ceramics, and stone, effectively preventing crack development under tension.
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A versatile milling tool designed to expand, shape, and/or round over existing holes in hard surfaces.

The Calidad 2mm-38mm chamfer bit "Baby Cone" is an all-in-one solution for polishing, stone carving, hollow tangent creation, shaping, trimming, and enlarging small holes. Its innovative design enhances the edge quality of exposed holes, significantly reducing the risk of cracking on standard and large-format tiles under tension.

Experience unparalleled edge finishing and aesthetic improvement with the Calidad Diamond chamfer cone "Baby Cone." Achieve smooth and seamless results every time, making it perfect for use on porcelain, hard ceramics, granite, marble, and stone surfaces.

Consider the Calidad diamond chamfer bit "Baby Cone" as a valuable investment in your toolkit. Elevate your grinding, shaping, and polishing tasks to new heights with this durable, precise, and versatile tool. Its exceptional performance will leave you wondering how you ever managed without it.

Ideal for Tile Installers, General Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, Remodelers, and DIY enthusiasts, the Calidad Diamond Chamfer Bit "Baby Cone" is the go-to milling tool for an array of hard surface projects. This essential, high-performance chamfer cone will transform your workmanship, speed up your work, and achieve professional-quality results.

Disclaimer: This is not a core bit for drilling. The tool is designed for beveling and cleaning tricky surface holes, and reinforcing /cleaning chipped borders.


Hard Ceramics




Polishing and Contouring Edges: Perfect for fine detailing and smoothing edges on small holes in porcelain tiles, ensuring a polished, professional finish.


Expanding Holes in Hard Surfaces: Ideal for enlarging holes in granite countertops for plumbing fixtures, delivering precise and clean expansions.


Shaping and Trimming: Excellent for shaping and trimming edges on marble sculptures or stone decorations, providing a seamless blend between surfaces.

  • Material: High-quality diamond triple-layered 

  • Grit: #70-80

  • Sizes Available: 2mm-38mm

  • Suitable For: Polishing, stone carving, hollow tangent creation, shaping, trimming, enlarging small holes

  • Compatible Surfaces: Porcelain, hard ceramics, granite, marble, stone

  • Durability: Designed for long-term use with minimal wear

  • Precision: Engineered for high precision and control in detailing and finishing work