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Clip Gang Leveling Combo: The Ultimate Tile Leveling System

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Transform your tiling projects from ordinary to extraordinary with our comprehensive Clip Gang Tile Leveling System Combo! This all-in-one tile leveling system, featuring 800 1/16" clips, 2000 wedgies, 250 horseshoe spacers, and 500 free wedges, is designed to level, align, space, and hold your tiles in place, delivering professional-grade, lippage-free results. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional installer, this tile leveling system guarantees faster, smoother, and more precise tile installations every time.
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1/16" Clips, Wedges, Wedgies & Shoes for perfectly aligned surfaces 

Crafted for the meticulous perfectionist, this robust system includes: 

  • 2000 professional 3/16" (5mm) Calidad Wedgies,

  • 250 1/16" Horseshoe Spacers 

  • 400 durable 1/16" Clips 

  • 500 Reusable Wedges

Handle the demands of any tiling project with ease

From minor adjustments with our precision wedgies to achieving consistent grout lines with our horseshoe spacers, this kit guarantees a level and secure tile installation every time. The Clip Gang Leveling Combo is your go-to solution for eliminating tile movement during the setting process, ensuring a smooth, even surface that stands the test of time.

Level, align, space, and hold your tile in place for a professional installation with the Clip Gang Lippage Tuning System.

Disclaimer: For Tile Leveling Systems (Clip Gang Products), due to their bulky size and weight, we charge a minimal shipping fee, which is just a fraction of the actual shipping cost. This way, you still enjoy significant savings while we ensure your products are delivered safely and efficiently - often in multiple packages.

Tile installation


Tile alignment


Tile leveling

  • Material: High-grade polymer


  • Made from the highest quality plastic 


  • Designed for a quick and smooth tool-free installation