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Diamond Hand Pad Grit #200

The Calidad Diamond Hand Pad Grit #200 is expertly crafted for those who require a tiling tool that not only removes minor imperfections from porcelain and ceramic tiles but does so with a gentle touch that results in a smooth, refined finish. This hand pad combines the effectiveness of diamond abrasion with the finesse needed for fine polishing tasks, ensuring your surfaces are flawlessly smooth without compromising their delicate features.
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Achieve fine-detail finishing on cut edges seamlessly and proficiently with our Diamond Hand Pad.

Our Calidad diamond-coated pad is meticulously crafted for hand polishing and detailing on porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Embedded with superior-grade diamonds, this pad promises unrivaled durability and precision. The #200 grit size is ideal for finer detailing, ensuring a flawless finish and subtle touch-up, perfect for refining and smoothing your delicate porcelain and ceramic surfaces without compromising their aesthetics.

What distinguishes our hand pad is its construction. With a soft foam backing, it provides a snug grip, reducing hand strain even after extended use. This foam layer also dampens vibrations, ensuring a steady and controlled polishing experience.

The pad's rounded edges are uniquely fashioned to grant unparalleled access to those challenging inside corners, allowing for a thorough and holistic polishing of your tiles.

Rely on our pad for ease of use, cushioned with a soft foam backing and tailored edges for optimal access to the inside corner.

Designed with porcelain and ceramic tiles in mind, the Calidad Diamond Hand Pad Grit #200 excels in fine finishing tasks. It is the go-to tool for achieving a high-gloss finish, smoothing out slight surface imperfections, and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your tiles.

Minor Imperfection Removal on Porcelain Tiles: Gently remove slight imperfections and prepare porcelain tiles for a final glossy finish.


Fine Polishing on Ceramic Tiles: Achieve a seamless, smooth finish on ceramic tiles, perfect for adding the final touches to your tile work.


High-Gloss Surface Finishing: Elevate the shine and smoothness of porcelain and ceramic surfaces to a high-gloss level, enhancing their visual appeal.


Detailed Work on Hard-to-Reach Areas: Utilize the rounded edges for meticulous polishing efforts in inside corners and other challenging spots, ensuring a uniformly polished surface.