Calidad 8mm (5/16") Diamond Core Drill Bit "Needle D's 3.0" - Calidad Tools
Calidad 8mm (5/16") Diamond Core Drill Bit "Needle D's 3.0" - Calidad Tools

Calidad 8mm (5/16") Diamond Core Drill Bit "Needle D's 3.0"

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"Needle D's 3.0" for Angle Grinders

8mm Diamond Hole Bits for high-speed hole-making and a long lifespan. The new standard for hole bits performance. 

Unleash the power of our Diamond Hole Bits, meticulously engineered for rapid hole creation and extraordinary lifespan. These 8mm (5/16") hexagonal bits, featuring a 5/16" shank, are constructed from sturdy, solid steel. They are the epitome of seamless hole-making prowess. Witness these bits' longevity, precision in cutting smaller holes, and absolute integrity.

Experience the Vacuum Brazed Diamond Technology in action: our bits are fortified with high-strength diamonds that make tile drilling a breeze. This technology shines particularly when drilling pristine holes through robust materials, such as porcelain floors, granite ceramics, glass mirrors, marble stone masonry, and bricks.

Great for various applications: from custom shower pans, and shower bases to shower walls, towel bars, and toilet paper hangers. 


  • Diamond Coating: This enhances drilling speed significantly, giving you an edge in efficiency.
  • Depth Mark: The thoughtful inclusion of a depth mark ensures meticulous precision for your unique projects
  • Convenient Storage: Your purchase comes with a portable plastic storage case, enabling easy access and safekeeping
  • Start Tip Technology: Our exact start tip minimizes bit walking, ensuring a smooth start to every drilling task.
  • Pressure Relief: Perfectly suited to alleviate pressure on specific cuts for an impeccable finish.
  • Dry Drilling Design: Each Diamond Drill Bit is integrated with a wax lubricant that liquifies during dry drilling, cooling the cutting surface. You may also introduce water as an additional cooling agent to further extend the life of the bit.
  • Lifespan: 35+ holes 
  • Applications
  • Great for all types of hard materials such as quarry tile, porcelain, slate, ceramic, marble, travertine, and granite
  • Features
  • 3/16" (5mm) Vacuum brazed, Diamond technology, 14" Shank, Steel Shaft
  • Equipment
  • Fits a variety of quick-change chucks, drills or drivers


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