Calidad 4.5" with flange diamond grinder disc "Butter Cutter" offers superior, chip-free cutting performance. Best for cutting porcelain and ceramic tile. It features professional grade quality, reinforced hub, turbo mesh diamond rim, unique bond matrix, advanced anti-vibration. For tile and flooring installers
Calidad 4.5" Turbo Mesh Flush Mount Circular Saw Blade "Butter Cutter" with Flange - Calidad Tools
Calidad 4.5" Turbo Mesh Flush Mount "Butter Cutter" Grinder Blade (with Flange) - Calidad Tools
Calidad 4.5" Turbo Mesh Flush Mount "Butter Cutter" Grinder Blade (with Flange) - Calidad Tools

Calidad 4.5" Turbo Mesh Flush Mount "Butter Cutter" Grinder Blade (with Flange)

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"Butter Cutter" Turbo Flush Mount Circular Blade 

A universal 4.5" grinder disc for superior, next-level, chip-free cutting performance - designed for straight cuts. 

Cuts through surfaces like a hot knife through butter. 

The same great "Butter Cutter" blade has flange support for quick set-up and convenience. 

Elevate your cutting capabilities with the revolutionary 4.5" universal grinder disc designed for unmatched, chip-free cutting performance across various materials.

The "Butter Cutter" blade stands out in the market with its superior cutting abilities. It is engineered with a slender blade for precise straight cuts; it is specifically formulated to deliver an exceptionally smooth cutting finish on porcelain, ceramics, tile, and other dense materials.

Constructed with a reinforced steel core hub, this state-of-the-art blade guarantees a wobble-free cutting experience, instilling confidence in your craftsmanship. Its innovative Mesh Rim design, featuring a diamond coating, ensures minimal friction, rapid cutting, and efficient heat dispersion for optimal performance.

Perfect for tile installers, remodelers, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone seeking the ultimate cutting experience. Enhance your project outcomes and unleash your full potential with this game-changing blade.

  • Professional-grade quality for clean, fast, and aggressive cuts
  • Engineered for highly smooth cutting of porcelain and ceramic tile
  • High-grade diamond rim with unique bond matrix for clean cuts and durability
  • Turbo Mesh Configuration for improved blade cooling and longer life
  • Reinforced hub for wobble-free cutting
  • Enhanced anti-vibration design for stability and rigidity
  • Maximum speed of 13,200 RPM
  • Suitable for both wet and dry use.


Disclaimer: Straight cuts are recommended. Do not grind and twist during the cut or side stress. Always use protective gear and safety glasses. Flange is compatible with 5/8"-11 thread. 


  • Applications
  • Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile, Marble, Granite and Other Natural Stone
  • Features
  • Diamond Mesh Blade
  • Equipment
  • Angle Grinder, Circular Saw, Tile Saw


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